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Grada International NV is one of the well-known names in the HVAC industry. The company is based in Lokeren Belgium and was established in 1963. Currently, Grada operates a 12000 m2 manufacturing facility and employs around 125 people. In addition to the headquarters in Belgium, which serves the Benelux region, Grada also has an office in France.

A company with traditions
Grada offers its customers and partners over half a century of tradition and experience. Thanks to developing and producing air diffusers and air flow controllers for heating and ventilation systems, Grada is an expert at creating solutions in the field of air distribution, air control and air comfort.
The qualities that make Grada stand out from the crowd, other than its long history and traditions, are the company's core competencies. Grada International NV emphasises responding quickly, offering extensive technical support to customers, and maintaining an efficient production organisation.

A vast product range
The company's extensive product range features a variety of diffuser designs suited for different applications such as swirl and slot diffusers, grilles and external louvres, dampers, plenum boxes, sound attenuators, air flow controllers, air valves, chilled beams, and more. In total, more than 22000 products are produced, starting from sheet steel and aluminium extrusions and ending with a neatly painted and packaged product.
Without a doubt, Grada creates some of the most aesthetically pleasing ventilation products currently sold on the market. To further enhance the aesthetic appeal of Grada’s products, they are available in a variety of colours, including custom ones, all with a high-quality finish.

Custom solutions
In addition to its standard product range, Grada has both the flexibility and capability to create custom solutions depending on the customer's requirements.
Grada can bring a customer’s idea to fruition all the way from the planning stages in CAD to the high-quality powder coating of the finished product.

In-house development and testing
Grada strives to create the best-performing air distribution systems, contributing toward a more comfortable and healthier building environment and giving customers peace of mind.
All of Grada’s products and solutions are developed, tested & validated in-house in the Acoustics & Comfort lab, and manufactured to the highest quality standards in their Lokeren facility in Belgium.

Simplifying ventilation
Grada’s focus on the customer experience has led the company to develop helpful tools to assist its customers and help them make the right choice. The tools offered by Grada include the comprehensive Product Selector, BIM object selector, and the FACT software application.
Products can be filtered via the Product Selector and their airflow properties can be simulated in FACT (Flow & Air Comfort Tool), to make the planning process and choosing the best-suited products easier.
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