Ventmatika UAB is a Lithuanian company established in 2003 and they’ve continuously been gaining success in the HVAC industry since then. The company's field of expertise is the in-house development and production of heating systems for ventilation systems and air handling units in their Šiauliai factory. The company is ISO certified.

A range of high-quality standard and custom solutions
Ventmatika’s product range includes HRU (Heat Recovery Unit) & AHU (Air Handling Unit) controls, electric heaters, heating, and cooling coils, fan motor speed controllers, sensors, and transmitters. In addition to its existing products, they also offer custom solution development. Ventmatika strives to meet the needs of its customers by selecting the most optimal and up-to-date technology solutions. All Ventmatika devices are 100% tested, CE and EAC certified, and have a 2-year warranty.

Investing in product development and investing in people
Ventmatika is always trying to improve its existing product portfolio and expand its product range. The best indicators that guide this process are feedback from customers and market demands, both of which Ventmatika takes on board. Of course, this adaptability and flexibility would not be possible without a dedicated team of specialists. Ventmatika invests in its human resources by helping employees obtain certifications, sending them to seminars and training, and providing them with the best teaching experience - taking on challenging projects by customers. Having up-to-date knowledge gives Ventmatika a competitive edge.

A trusted industry partner
Ventmatika treats its clients as strategic partners – the decisions and workflow of the company are based on creating value for its partners and growing together with them. As an OEM for HVAC components, Ventmatika is fully aware of how important it is to offer its partners reliable components so that the final product is also of high quality. Ventmatika meets the ventilation market demands by providing innovative, long-lasting products and bespoke technical solutions. As a result of Ventmatika’s hard work, the company has won the confidence and loyalty of the top brands in the HVAC industry. Ventmatika now exports products to most European and CIS countries.
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