4-way blow ceiling diffusers for air supply and exhaust in ventilation systems

4-way blow ceiling diffuser - 150 mm x 150 mm

Product description

4-way blow ceiling diffuser 150 mm x 150 mm. The diffuser type EG400/EH400 is used for the supply and exhaust of cooled or heated air in facilities such as offices, shopping centres, conference rooms,… This diffuser can be mounted in the ceiling and has a fixed 4-way horizontal air pattern. Can also be mounted on a false ceiling plate (see: product EG_PF).
Manufacturer's ID
EG400-F 0150 0150 RAL 9010
150 Mm
150 Mm

Additional specifications and description

Aluminium multidirectional diffuser from the Belgian manufacturer Grada. The diffuser is designed for installation in suspended ceilings. It can function in both supply and exhaust ventilation roles. When used for supply ventilation, the fixed 4–way blow pattern can take advantage of the Coandă effect to improve ventilation performance and allow fresh air to reach further. The volume of air can be controlled via the DT018 opposed blade damper from Grada without disturbing the diffuser's uniform air distribution pattern (throw).

Diffusers in suspended ceilings are ubiquitous in offices, shopping centres, conference rooms and other commercial and public spaces. Because of the specific role and application of ceiling diffusers, they have to work well for both supply and exhaust ventilation. The Grada EG400 is well suited for most applications thanks to its excellent acoustic properties and unrestricted air flow with minimal pressure drop. Even when large volumes of air pass through the EG400, it maintains a low noise rating (NR), making it a perfect choice for offices. For in-tile mounting, please see the Grada EG400PF diffuser. 
Choosing the correct size of the diffuser and the number of diffusers required for each room can be determined by the dimensions of the space and the specific ventilation requirements.
Construction and mounting
The Grada EG400 multidirectional ceiling diffuser is constructed entirely from extruded aluminium with a powder coating. The standard colour is RAL9010 white, but other colour options are also available from the manufacturer. The diffuser features a removable core that is secured using a hidden screw.
The product is compatible with the Grada GR002 mounting frame, but it is possible to install the diffuser without it. The diffuser can be mounted using the standard T-rails used for suspended ceilings. Please note that the DT018 damper requires the GR002 mounting plate. The Grada DP120S side entry and DT120T top entry plenum boxes are available to connect the diffuser to the ductwork. 
Designed for modern interior spaces
Devices such as diffusers and grilles are usually the first or only HVAC components people notice when entering an interior space. Consequently, ceiling diffusers play a big part in the interior design of any commercial or public space. Like other Grada products, this aluminium ceiling diffuser has a pleasing minimalist design and an impeccable powder coating finish. The Grada EG400 series of multidirectional ceiling diffusers will fit perfectly in most interior designs and elevate the feel of the interior space.
For detailed technical specifications and mounting instructions, please refer to the documentation provided by the manufacturer, which you can download from this website.

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