Slot diffuser with adjustable deflectors suitable for supply and exhaust air

Aluminium adjustable linear slot diffuser with 2 slots - 1500 mm long

Product description

Grada SLS linear, adjustable, multidirectional diffuser made from extruded aluminium with a high-quality powder coat finish in RAL 9010 “pure white” colour. Product specifications – frame width 20 mm, length 1500 mm, number of slots – 2. Suitable for both supply and exhaust ventilation of heated or cooled air. Designed for ceiling mounting. Each slot can be individually adjusted via 2 discrete deflectors with an aerodynamically optimised profile. The diffuser is intended for use with the Grada SPB and SPS plenum boxes and SPS0/SL000 mounting brackets. It is also compatible with the B0BSL dummy plate. Clean and modern design with no visible mounting hardware.
Manufacturer's ID
SLS12-F 1500 RAL 9010
1500 Mm

Additional specifications and description

What is a linear slot diffuser and what is it used for?
Linear slot diffusers serve the same purpose as other types of ceiling diffusers, which is to say, they are a ventilation element used to supply or exhaust air to and from an interior space. Diffusers such as the SLS are a common sight in commercial buildings, and they’re gaining popularity in high-end homes. Slot diffusers are often used in offices, conference rooms, hotel rooms and houses with central HVAC. Their appeal lies in their strong ventilation performance combined with minimal disruption of interior spaces.

The Grada SLS linear slot diffuser can work in both supply and exhaust ventilation roles. Each slot on the diffuser can be individually adjusted and offers one-axis airflow control over the full 180-degree range. With the deflectors adjusted for a vertical throw, the diffuser creates a curtain of air. Such a “curtain” is perfect to have close to doors or large windows. Conversely, when the airflow is horizontal, it can take advantage of the Coandă effect to improve ventilation performance and allow fresh air to reach further.

Modern design
Devices such as diffusers and grilles are usually the first or only HVAC components people notice when entering an interior space. Consequently, ceiling diffusers play a big part in the interior design of any private, commercial or public space. While it looks discrete, the Grada SLS cannot be overlooked, it is very aesthetically appealing thanks to its minimalist design and superb powder coat finish. What’s more, the SLS family of linear diffusers from Grada can be combined in different ways to accentuate the interior design of the space. It’s possible to create long unbroken lines (including with dummy diffusers) and even 90-degree corners.

Construction and mounting
The Grada SLS is manufactured from extruded aluminium and has an impeccable powder coat finish in RAL 9010 “pure white” colour.

The deflector blades are aerodynamically optimised for more precise control over the airflow. Installing the unit requires the use of a compatible plenum from Grada, either the SPB or SPS. The SPB plenum uses a direct mounting system, while the SPS requires mounting brackets (SPS0/SL000). Both plenums feature a round spigot with a double lip rubber seal for an easy and airtight connection, thanks to this the device achieves an airtightness class D according to EN 12237.

Please note that the final airtightness of the ventilation system depends on multiple factors, including the installation method.
For detailed technical specifications and mounting instructions, please refer to the documentation provided by the manufacturer, which you can download from this website.

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