Aluminum bar grille with straight bars for wall mounting with mounting clips

Aluminium bar grille 300 mm x 150 mm

Product description

Aluminium bar grille 300 mm x 150 mm with straight bars and mounting clips. Suitable for the supply and exhaust of cooled or heated air, with straight bars or with 15° deflection. The grille is suitable for wall mounting. Standard delivered with mounting clips. Installation is possible with or without mounting frame (GR001). Standard finish satin anodised.
Manufacturer's ID
AD600--0300 0150
150 Mm
300 Mm

Additional specifications and description

High-quality aluminium bar grille from the Belgian manufacturer Grada. The grille is suitable for wall mounting and can function in either supply or exhaust ventilation roles. The product is compatible with the Grada GR001 mounting frame and the Grada GT007 damper for wall grilles. However, the grille can be installed and will function without these accessories. 
Ventilation grilles are deceptively simple devices that are often taken for granted, but in fact, they are very versatile in their application and have an enormous impact on the comfort of interior spaces.
The typical use case for bar grilles (also referred to as linear bar grilles) is for exhaust ventilation in spaces such as lobbies or hotel rooms and homes with central HVAC. 
Of course, these grilles can also be used for supply ventilation as well. However, a damper will be required to control the air volume. The lack of adjustable vanes means that the airflow "throw" cannot be changed. Because of this, in most cases it is considered best practice to use a grille with adjustable vanes for supply ventilation instead of an aluminium bar grille.

Construction and mounting
The Grada A600 bar grille is constructed entirely from extruded aluminium with an anodised finish. The bars are 5,5 mm thick, and the centre-to-centre distance between the bars is 12,5 mm.
The recommended mounting option is to use the Grada GR001 mounting frame, as this makes the installation process hassle-free and allows for the easy removal of the grille for cleaning.

High performance
The Grada A600 series of grilles combine modern aesthetics and performance without compromises. They are designed to allow the free flow of air in either direction (supply or exhaust) with as little noise, obstruction and pressure loss as possible.
Please note that to achieve optimal results, many factors have to be taken into account when planning the HVAC system layout and choosing the correct grille. Amongst the factors that have to be considered are the size of the grille, mounting location (including distance from the ceiling), airflow speed in the duct, the desired “throw” of the grille, etc.

Designed for modern interior spaces
Ventilation grilles and similar products such as registers and diffusers are usually the first or only HVAC components that people notice when entering an interior space. Consequently, grilles play a big part in the interior design of any building. Bar grilles are more suitable for visible mounting, as they are more appealing than other types of grilles, such as louvre grilles. Like other Grada products, this aluminium grille has a pleasing minimalist design and an impeccable satin finish. The Grada A600 series of grilles will fit perfectly in most interior designs and elevate the feel of the interior space.

For detailed technical specifications, mounting instructions, ventilation design considerations, and formulas to calculate airflow, please refer to the documentation provided by the manufacturer, which you can download from this website.

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