Asymmetric Reducer - diameter 400 mm to diameter 250 mm

Asymmetric Reducer - diameter 400 mm to diameter 250 mm

Product description

Asymmetric reducer male to male male to male from diameter 400 mm to diameter 250 mm. Long reducers are used in ventilation systems in industrial, office and housing buildings. They are installed in systems made of spiral coiled ducts, bends and other fittings. The reduced diameter acts as a confusor to increase the air flow rate. When installed with the large diameter towards the incoming air flow, the piece works like a diffuser. The offset ends help route the ductwork directly along the ceiling or the wall, as necessary.
Diameter 1
400 Mm
Diameter 2
250 Mm

Additional specifications and description

Roll formed asymmetric reducer made of galvanised steel. The eccentric segmented reducer is a fitting for use with round ventilation ducts, and has a double rubber lip seal and male-male ends. An eccentric reducer has an edge that is parallel to the connecting pipe which creates an offset from the centre line of the ventilation duct run.

Duct reducers are used in HVAC systems when a change in diameter is required. Eccentric reducers are mainly used when the duct run is horizontal, or needs to be tight against the wall or ceiling.

The spigots of the reducer can be inserted directly into a spiral duct. In case the reducer is followed by another pressed piece with male ends, a female connection piece will be required.

Note that a reducer can be installed in either direction depending on the requirements. When reducing the diameter of the duct, the reducer will act as a confuser and will increase the speed of the airflow and the static pressure, however this can generate more noise. Inversely when mounting the reducer such that it increases the diameter of the duct, it will act as a diffuser and slow down the airflow, lower the static pressure and reduce noise levels.

d1 = 400 mm 
d2 = 250 mm
L = 175 mm
m = 1,65 kg

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