Axial fan wall fan rectangular - up to 800 m³/h

Axial fan wall fan rectangular - up to 800 m³/h

Product description

Low pressure axial fan OV 4E 250 in steel casing for wall mounting. Combined supply and exhaust ventilation systems for various premises where high air flow at relatively low system resistance is required. The fan casing and the impeller are made of steel with polymeric coating.
Manufacturer's ID
OV 4Е 250
Vents part of Blauberg group
Fan size
Maximal air flow
500 m³/h to 1500 m³/h

Additional specifications and description

The Vents OV series of axial fans offer a simple and robust solution for supply and exhaust ventilation systems. Their polymer-coated steel casing ensures excellent mechanical protection while maintaining a very compact size. A built-in grille prevents birds and rodents from entering through the fan. All available electric motors used in Vents OV series of fans are designed for reliable long-term continuous operation. The electric motors feature ball bearings, an external rotor, overheating protection and automatic restart. The fan supports smooth or stepped speed control via a thyristor or an autotransformer-based speed controller. More than one fan can be connected to the same speed controller, provided that the total load does not exceed the design specifications of the controller.

Modern HVAC systems use many different fan designs that each have their advantages and disadvantages, making them best suited for a specific purpose. The Vents OV series of axial fans are best suited for ventilation systems that do not require high air pressures. Typically these fans are used in industrial buildings for direct and continuous supply or extraction of air. They are usually not connected to ventilation ducts or ventilation shafts. In general, axial fans offer superior energy efficiency and can be very quiet, but they achieve lower static air pressure when compared to centrifugal fans and mixed-flow fans. Vents OV fans are easy to install thanks to their compact size and lightweight construction, and use of standard screw terminals. The robust construction guarantees hassle-free operation. The fan is suitable for continuous operation and has a very long service life of at least 40 000 hours. The fan can operate reliably within a wide temperature range from as low as -30 °C to as high as +60 °C. Depending on the requirements of the ventilation system, the electric motor can also be controlled via an external fan speed controller.

Construction and installation:
The fan casing is constructed out of polymer-coated steel with excellent corrosion resistance. The fan has a square mounting plate with a built-in grille that prevents small animals or debris from entering the ventilation opening. The fan should be mounted to the wall using 4 self-tapping screws. Appropriate protection should be provided to shield the fan from water ingress i.e. a canopy or roof. Power is connected via standard screw terminals located in the terminal box. The wiring should have the appropriate cross-section and insulation, and each fan should be equipped with an automatic circuit breaker. Make sure to refer to the datasheet and wiring diagram on the terminal box itself.
Note that as this device creates vibrations during operation, it is important to periodically inspect the fan mounts, to make sure the device is still securely mounted. The fan blades will require periodic cleaning and should be cleaned twice a year. The fan is not designed to handle smoke or other combustion products, corrosive chemicals and fuels, or other impurities that might stick to the blades and casing.
For the full technical specifications, wiring diagrams and detailed mounting instructions, please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation, which you can view on this page.