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Bathroom exhaust fan timer

Bathroom exhaust fan timer

Product description

The VTR-1-V2 is an electronic timer module for fans ventilating small spaces such as lavatories and bathrooms. The fan is activated 1,5 s after the lights are switched on. When the lights are switched off, the fan is deactivated after an adjustable time delay between 2 and 10 minutes. This module is designed for single phase AC voltage controllable motors with a motor current in the range: 0,04 - 1,5 A and requires a supply voltage of 230 VAC ± 10 % / 50—60 Hz.
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Additional specifications and description

How to control the bathroom exhaust fan?
Exhaust fans in small spaces like lavatories or bathrooms are often activated simultaneously with the lights. This timer module switches the fan off when the timer ends. The timer can end a few minutes after the lights have been switched off. This delay can be set in the range of 2 - 10 minutes.

Easy to install
This solution is a simple and cheap alternative for exhaust fans that are controlled in fuction of air quality. It can simply be installed in combination with the light switch. Make sure to set the delay long enough so that sufficient air can be extracted to guarantee a good indoor air quality. The higher the volume of the room, the more air must be extracted.

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