pressed fitting bend 45° in galvanised steel for spiral tubes spiro
pressed fitting bend 45° in galvanised steel for spiral tubes spiro
bend for ventilation ducts 45° back

Bend 45° - diameter 200 mm - high quality version

Product description

High quality bend 45°, diameter 200 mm, in galvanised steel pressed half shells, seam-welded and calibrated. Material thickness 0,6 mm. With lip sealing.
German quality fittings
Diameter 1
200 Mm
Diameter 2
200 Mm

Additional specifications and description

Pressed bends are designed for use in HVAC and ventilation systems that are based on spiral ducts and plain ducts. They are available in various angles, depending on the curves needed in the ventilation system. The loss of air pressure in the bends is kept to a minimum thanks to the uniform surface of their inner structure. Selecting the correct bends will allow you to mount the system closer to the wall or ceiling which adds stability to your ventilation duct work. Bends are connected to an air duct by simply inserting the one into the other. The lip sealing ensures air tightness. Keep in mind that the final airtightness of the system is determined by several factors such as the installation method.

The bends are produced by Aerotechnik E. Siegwart GmbH and they are constructed out of pressed galvanised half shells, which are laser welded and calibrated. Bends up to a diameter of 300 mm are made of metal with a thickness of 0.6 mm, and for the larger diameter bends - 315 mm and above, the steel thickness is 0.7 mm. The Spigot length is 40 mm for all bends up to a diameter of 250 mm, and 60 mm for all bends starting from a diameter of 280 mm and above. The manufacturer Aerotechnik E. Siegwart GmbH is ISO 9001 certified.


d1 = 200 mm
r = 200 mm
l2 = 40 mm

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