Bend 45° - diameter 400 mm

Bend 45° - diameter 400 mm

Product description

Segmented bend diameter 400 mm, radius 45°. Segmented bends are designed for building ventilation systems based on SPIRAL ducts and plain ducts. They are made of 4 segments; bends in diameters of DN 1120 mm and above are composed of 5 segments. The segments are fastened by hemming and seaming. The inside surface of the hemmed seams is sealed. This together with the double EPDM gaskets provides air tightness class D according to EN 12237 for ventilation and recuperation systems.
Diameter 1
400 Mm
Diameter 2
400 Mm

Additional specifications and description

Segmented bends are designed for use in HVAC and ventilation systems that are based on spiral ducts and plain ducts. They are comprised of several segments connected together via a process of hemming and seaming. The inner surface is sealed, which together with the double EPDM gaskets, ensures an airtightness class D according to the European standard EN 12237 for ventilation systems. Keep in mind that the final airtightness of the system is determined by several factors such as the installation method.

These bends are available in various configurations with a wide range of bend angle and diameter options to choose from depending on the curves needed in the HVAC system. Selecting the correct bends will allow the duct work to be mounted closer to the walls or ceiling, which adds stability to the ventilation system. To bend is installed by simply inserting the spigot into a round duct until it reaches the limiter. 

bsl 45
d1 = 400 mm
L = 162 mm
rm = 400 mm
m = 3,07 kg

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