Control switch for EC fan with 3 positions and OFF position

Control switch for EC fan with 3 positions and OFF position

Product description

This is a control switch for EC fans with OFF position. It can also control frequency inverters, fan speed controllers or damper actuators. It divides the analogue 0-10 V control signal in four steps. This makes it possible to adjust the fan speed or the damper position from low to high in 4 steps. Two of these steps (position 1 and 2) can be adjusted via internal trimmers. Position 3 is always identical to the supplied voltage - typical 10 VDC. Position 0 is the OFF position (0 VDC). So this device can generate following 4 output voltages: 0 (OFF) - 1...10 - 1...10 - 10 VDC.
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Additional specifications and description

What is a control switch for EC fans?
The output voltage of this control switch varies according to the position of the rotary switch. The output voltage is divided in four steps. Position 0 is fixed to 0 VDC and position 3 is fixed to 10 VDC. This control switch controls EC fans or damper actuators in three steps. It can also remotely control AC fan speed controllers (EVS or MVS series) or frequency inverters (FI-E series) in four steps. E.g. the control switch can be installed in the living room while the fan speed controller is located in a technical room or electrical cabinet.

Adjustable output levels
For some applications, it is desirable to adjust the control signal in order to obtain the optimal fan speed. Position 0 is fixed to 0 VDC. The control signal of position 1 and position 2 can be adjusted. Via internal trimmers the output voltages of these positions can be set in the range of 1 – 10 VDC. Position 3 always equals the supplied voltage: 10 VDC.

This control switch has an OFF-position. In position 0, the output voltage is 0 VDC.