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Differential pressure switch 200 Pa, including PVC tubes

Differential pressure switch 200 Pa, including PVC tubes

Product description

This is a differential pressure switch. It detects overpressure, vacuum or differential pressure. The switching pressure setpoint can be adjusted by means of a scaled calibrated knob. This device is optmimised for a differential pressure range of 20 - 200 Pa. The output contacts can switch a resistive load of max 1 A - 250 VAC. Delivered with PSET-PVC-200, a set of flexible transparent PVC tubes (length 2 m).
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Additional specifications and description

Easy to connect
This set includes the pressure relay, 2 m of transparent PVC tubes and two plastic nozzles with mounting screws.

One device, different applications
This pressure relay is typically used to monitor air filters or ventilators. It can protect fan heaters from overheating. It can monitor air flow in ventilation ducts, etc.

Unrivaled quality
The dry contact output has a mean life expectancy of 10.000.000 operations. the contact ratings are 1 A for resistive loads or 0,4 A for inductive loads (250 VAC).

Solid enclosure
The plastic cover protects the ingress of dust, dirt and water. In combination with the plastic cover, the protection class is IP54.

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