Duct heater 1,2 kW - diameter 160 mm

Duct heater 1,2 kW - diameter 160 mm

Product description

Circular duct heater 1,2 kW diameter 160 mm. Electrical duct heaters EKA are designed to heat fresh air in ventilation systems. The casing is made from Aluzinc coated steel which is high temperature proof and with rubber seals for duct connection. The heating elements tube is made from stainless steel AISI 304. There are 2 protection thermostats and screw terminals for easy connection installed in the heaters. Heaters can be installed horizontally with the electrical connection box facing upwards or sideways and vertically (only if the air flow direction faces upwards). The air velocity in the duct of the heater must be 1,5 m/s minimum. The maximum temperature of the output is 50 °C.
Manufacturer's ID
160 Mm
Heating capacity
1,2 kW

Additional specifications and description

Round duct heaters or circular duct heaters are mounted in-line with the ductwork and used to heat the passing air. Their principle of operation is quite simple - the duct heaters use one or more resistive heating elements to transfer heat to the air in the duct via conduction/convection. For this Ventmatika electric heater to operate normally, it is crucial to have an air velocity in the duct of at least 1,5 m/s. 
As a precaution to prevent overheating in case of insufficient airflow, or other problems with the ventilation system, the duct heater is equipped with two protection thermostats. The first thermostat automatically turns off the heater when the temperature reaches 50 °C and turns it on when the temperature drops below 50 °C. The second thermostat turns off the heating when the temperature reaches 100 °C. If the second thermostat is triggered, it has to be manually reset via the button on the top of the heater once the temperature drops below 100 °C.

The EKA series of electrical duct heaters from Ventmatika are designed to heat the fresh air in ventilation systems. Depending on the requirements of the HVAC system, they can be used for a variety of heating applications such as supplementary/primary heating, space heating, reheating, and multi-zone/VAV heating. They can be a very energy-efficient solution when combined with precise temperature control and air volume monitoring. 

Construction and installation methods:
The heater's casing is made from Aluzinc coated steel (AZ150), which is resistant to high temperatures, and the heating elements are made from stainless steel (AISI 304). The male-male spigots are equipped with rubber seals making it very easy to connect round/spiro ducts to the duct heater. The electric heaters are wired via standard screw terminals for easy installation. 
The unit is compatible with both horizontal and vertical mounting. When using a horizontal orientation, it is necessary to have the electrical connection box facing upwards or sideways. When mounted vertically, the direction of the airflow should always flow upwards.
The duct heater is not suitable for external installations where it would be exposed to the elements, and it should not be used in hazardous environments i.e. exposed to corrosive substances or explosions. If there is a risk of foreign objects or debris coming into contact with the heating elements, it is recommended to install a protective grille before the heater.
It is necessary to choose the appropriate gauge when wiring the heater, depending on its power output, as the current draw could be significant. When installing an external temperature sensor, the device should be mounted at a distance 3 times larger than that of the diameter of the heater to avoid inaccurate readings. For example, in the case of a 200 mm diameter heater, the sensor should be at a distance of 600 mm.
Ventmatika duct heaters comply with all relevant industry standards and are CE marked and RoHS/REACH compliant. For the full technical specifications and mounting instructions, please refer to the manufacturer's datasheet, which you can find on this page.