Fan control switch 3-speed with OFF-position

Fan control switch 3-speed with OFF-position

Product description

This is a three-step control switch with OFF position. It controls the speed of 3-speed fans. It transfers the supplied 230 VAC to one of the three terminal blocks. This allows you to adjust the fan speed from low to high in 3 steps. The contacts ratings are 10 A (resistive loads) or 3 A (inductive loads). The enclosure allows inset mounting (IP44) or surface mounting (IP54). There is an OFF position.
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Additional specifications and description

Remotely controlled
This 5-step fan speed controller is remotely controlled via an optional, external switch. We recommend to use the control switch type SMT-1-30-4C. This is a 3-step switch with OFF position. Via the external switch, one of the available fan speed levels can be selected. When no input is selected, the motor is deactivated.

Easy to install!
This fan speed controller doesn't require configuration. Once installed, it can be used.
Unregulated output
The extra, unregulated output (230 VAC) is active when the motor is enabled. It can be used to control an external run-indicator, a damper, etc.
E.g. when the fan is deactivated, the dampers is closed. When the fan is active, the damper is open.

Solid enclosure
The enclosure is made of high-quality r-ABS plastic. This material is exceptionally heat resistant, very tough and offers good protection against impacts. The enclosure can be surface mounted and offers an IP54 protection against ingress of dirt, dust and moisture.