Fan speed controller 230 VAC - 1,5 A MTX

Fan speed controller 230 VAC - 1,5 A

Product description

This is a variable speed controller. It regulates fan speed from high to low. Designed for single-phase voltage controllable motors with a maximum current of 1,5 A. The minimum speed can be adjusted via an internal trimmer. The enclosure allows inset mounting (IP44) or surface mounting (IP54). Phase angle control (Triac technology) is used to vary the motor voltage and to regulate the motor speed.
Manufacturer's ID

Additional specifications and description

Manual motor control
Via the rotary knob, fan speed can be set from high to low by turning the knob clockwise. This knob has an OFF-position. Turning the knob counter-clockwise stops the motor.

One enclosure, different mounting possibilities
The enclosure is made of high-quality ASA plastic. This material is UV resistant, it protects against impacts and looks nice. It protects the electronics against ingress of dust, dirt and water. The protection class is IP44 for inset mounting and IP54 for surface mounting.

Unregulated output
The unregulated output (230 VAC) is active when the motor is enabled.  It can be used to control an external run-indicator, a damper, etc.
E.g. when the fan is deactivated, the damper is closed. When the fan is active, the damper is open.

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