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Fire rated valve manual mechanic - 100 mm

Fire rated valve manual mechanic - 100 mm

Product description

Fire rated valve diameter 100 mm. Circular fire damper cartridge with ventilation valve with a fire resistance of 60 minutes. Tested according to EN 1366-2 up to 300 Pa. Suitable for rigid wall, rigid floor and light wall (metal stud gypsum plasterboard wall).

Additional specifications and description

Fire damper cartridges are distinguished by their degree of fire resistance, airflow properties, and ease of installation. The Rf-t fire damper cartridges offer outstanding performance characteristics in all of these areas. They have been tested according to EN 1366-2 and withstand fire for at least 60 minutes and successfully block air pressures up to 300 Pa. Rf-t fire dampers are designed for optimal airflow and acoustic performance. Air pressure loss is minimal thanks to the thin semi-circular blades and the fusible link mounted in line with the airflow. Installation is easy and air-tight - the cartridge is inserted into the ventilation duct end and held in place securely by its rubber seal. The aesthetic ventilation valve fits right in with the interior design of most rooms.

Fire damper cartridges prevent flame and smoke propagation in case of a fire. They are used in locations where ventilation ducts penetrate fire-resistant interior walls. Their function is to restore the fire resistance grade of the penetrated wall to the same level as if it was solid. When the temperature in the duct reaches 72 °C, the fusible link melts, closing the butterfly mechanism. A perfect seal is achieved thanks to a couple of retaining hooks and a strip of intumescent material. When the blades are closed, the retaining hooks hold them firmly in place, and the intumescent material expands to many times its volume. Fire dampers are a paramount fire safety device in modern buildings. By stopping the propagation of flames and smoke, they allow for the safe evacuation of the building.

Construction and installation:
The device is designed to be as compact as possible to make press fit mounting inside round ventilation ducts easy. The cartridge is finished off with a neat ventilation valve. A fusible link holds the two semicircles of the butterfly mechanism in the open position. When the semicircles are in the closed position, they are held in place by two retaining hooks. The fire damper cartridge is intended for indoor use in ambient temperatures of up to 50 °C. While the cartridge can withstand up to 95% humidity, water should not be allowed to condense on the unit as it can damage the intumescent material. The fire damper cartridge is suitable for installation in ducts that go through solid walls, solid floors and light walls i.e. metal stud gypsum plasterboard walls. When installed in a duct that goes through oddly shaped or oversized openings, it is recommended to seal around the duct with stone wool boards. In general, care should be taken, when insulating the area around the damper cartridge, so as to not compromise the fire resistance of the wall. The device can be installed in any orientation - the mechanism will function even when rotated. While the device does not require any specific maintenance once installed, it should be visually inspected twice a year. 
The full technical specifications and installation instructions for each use case are provided by the manufacturer. The documentation can be found on this page. 
The final airtightness of the ventilation system depends on several factors, for example, the installation method.

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