Fire resistant collar for surface mounting - 56 mm

Fire resistant collar for surface mounting - 56 mm

Product description

Fire resistant collar for surface mounting diameter 56 mm. The MG2-A U surface-mounted fire resistant collar is suitable for ventilated and non-ventilated plastic pipes (PVC, HDPE, PP, ABS). It prevents the propagation of fire up to 120 minutes in rigid walls and floors and in flexible walls. In case of a wall, a collar is installed on both sides of the wall. In case of a floor, a single MG2-A U is enough on the lower side of the floor. Installation U/U, U/C, C/C, C/U (uncapped-uncapped, uncapped-capped, capped-capped, capped-uncapped).

Additional specifications and description

Fire-resistant collar designed for use with combustible plastic pipes. This collar is compatible with a wide range of pipes. The collar can be used for PVC-U pipes according to EN 1329-1, EN 1453-1 or EN 1452-1 and for PVC-C pipes according to EN 1566-1. The collar can also be used for PE-HD pipes according to EN 1519-1, EN 12666-1 or EN 12201-2, for ABS pipes according to EN 1455-1, and PP pipes according to EN 1451-1.
The collar is water and frost-resistant, and maintenance-free once installed. It is easy to install as it supports different installation options - U/U, U/C, C/C, and C/U (uncapped-uncapped, uncapped-capped, capped-capped, capped-uncapped). The collar is very compact and takes up as little space inside the room as possible.

Fire-resistant collars are used in cases where combustible plastic pipes pass through a wall or floor. Should a fire break out, these plastic pipes will burn and melt, leaving an opening in the wall. Flames and smoke can pass through this opening, causing the fire to spread to other rooms. Therefore, the function of a fire-resistant collar is to restore the fire-resistance grade of the penetrated wall to the same level as if it was solid. It can be said that their purpose is very similar to fire-resistant dampers. However, they are intended for use with combustible plastic pipes, rather than metal ventilation ducts. Because of their role in stopping the propagation of flames and smoke, fire-resistant collars have become an indispensable element of fire safety in modern buildings. Fire-resistant collars make it possible to maintain a smoke-free environment, even in the proximity of an active fire, allowing people to safely evacuate the building.

Construction and installation:
The fire-resistant collar is constructed out of a steel housing with strips of intumescent material on the inside. When the temperature reaches around 150°C the intumescent material expands to many times its original volume and creates a barrier for the flames and smoke.
The collar is suitable for installation in solid walls, solid floors and light walls i.e. metal stud gypsum plasterboard walls. It is also possible to use the collar with pipes that pass through the wall at an oblique angle of up to 30°. When installed in an oddly shaped or oversized opening, it is recommended to seal around the collar with stone wool boards. In general, care should be taken, when insulating the area around the fire-resistant collar, so as to not compromise the fire resistance of the wall. 
When the pipe is passing through a wall, a collar should be mounted on each side of the wall. When mounting on a pipe that goes through the floor a single collar is sufficient. The collar is secured to the wall or floor with standard M6 screws or bolts, depending on the type of mounting surface.
Please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation for more information about the technical specifications of the product and detailed installation instructions. All relevant documentation about the product can be found on this page.