Flexible duct Alutex - diameter 356 mm

Flexible duct Alutex - diameter 356 mm

Product description

Alutex diameter 356 mm. Alutex is a lightweight flexible non-insulated air duct made of multilayer, polyester laminated aluminium foil reinforced with spiral high tension steel wire. Due to its exceptional flexibility can be easy installed on round and oval connectors. Alutex is made for low and medium pressure ventilation systems. Temperature range: from -30º C to +140º C.
356 Mm
Duct length
10 meter
Duct type

Additional specifications and description

The product „Alutex A23“ consists out of following components: 
- In total 5 layers: 3 layers of 7 μm aluminium,  2 layers of 12 μm polyester
- Steel wire

Temperature range: from -30 °C to +140 °C
Standard length: 10 m

Alutex is a lightweight and very flexible air duct. The duct is not insulated. It contains a steel spiral inserted in between the layers of the duct. 

This kind of flexible duct is very convenient for attaching air supply outlets or their plenum boxes to the rigid ductwork. The flexible duct can be attached with long zip ties or metal band clamps, and for extra strength Alu tape can be applied. 

However, please note, that the pressure loss is higher than for most other types of ducts. As such, designers and installers attempt to keep their installed lengths (runs) short, e.g. less than 5 meters (15 feet), and try to minimise turns. Kinks in flexible ducting must be avoided at all cost. 

Flexible ducts can tolerate a moderate negative pressure, however many designers prefer flexible ducts only for short distances, or in case of longer distances only for positive pressure applications. This is the case for air supply, but also if air exhaust is achieved in combination with, for example, a wall mounted fan or inline fan in front of the flexible duct. A typical use case is a fan located in a bathroom, toilet, or laundry room etc. blowing air downstream into the flexible duct towards the outside wall grille.

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