Flexible insulation sleeve Texoflex - diameter 203 mm

Flexible insulation sleeve Texoflex - diameter 203 mm

Product description

Texoflex Sleeve is an easy-to-use, flexible insulation sleeve for round ventilation ducts with a diameter of 203 mm. The product is designed to slip onto standard and Spiro ducts, and thanks to the plastic layer on the inside of the sleeve, installation is quick and hassle-free. The outside jacket is made from polyester laminated aluminium, which is durable and aesthetically appealing. The 25 mm thick layer of glass mineral wool provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Texoflex Sleeve can be used in a wide temperature range from -30º C to +140º C and comes in a standard length of 10m.
203 Mm
Duct length
10 meter
Duct type
Texoflex Sleeve

Additional specifications and description

What is the function of insulation sleeves?
Ductwork insulation for HVAC systems is becoming increasingly important, as it offers immense benefits for energy efficiency. Properly insulated ductwork reduces the operating costs of the HVAC system and makes it quieter
Moreover, insulating the air ducts increases the lifespan of HVAC systems because they do not have to work unnecessarily hard.

What is Texoflex Sleeve?
Texoflex Sleeve is designed to fit over standard galvanised steel and Spiro ducts and provide superior thermal and acoustic insulation. Texoflex Sleeve is suitable both for new ventilation systems and as an upgrade to existing installations.
Its silver-coloured jacket blends nicely with any other ventilation equipment making it suitable for use in visible/exposed HVAC systems. 

Where is Texoflex Sleeve used?
Texoflex Sleeve fits most kinds of rigid ductwork, but it is specifically designed for round and spiral (Spiro) ducts. It is also possible to use Texoflex Sleeve with semi-rigid ducts. 
The product is ideal for heating and cooling applications, as it helps prevent condensation and energy losses. Insulating ventilation ducts is essential in colder climates, optional in milder ones and necessary in humid climates to prevent condensation.
Another benefit of the Texoflex Sleeve is that it also acts as acoustic insulation and reduces the noise generated by the HVAC system.
When used correctly, Texoflex Sleeve has a short payback period.

How is Texoflex Sleeve installed?
The sleeve is designed to easily slip onto the ducts with minimal resistance and little risk of damage to the insulation. It is highly recommended to place a cap at the end of the duct so that its edge doesn’t catch or drag on the sleeve. Thanks to its flexibility, bends in the duct run do not pose a challenge to Texoflex Sleeve. Once the sleeve is positioned it can be fixed in place with tape on both ends.

How is Texoflex Sleeve made?
The Texoflex Sleeve is made from a glass wool layer sandwiched between an inner and outer protective jacket. The glass wool has a thickness of 25 mm (16 kg/m³ density) and provides thermal and acoustic insulation. 
The 40 μm inner layer made from polyester facilitates the installation process. Thanks to this “barrier”, any dust and debris from the mineral wool are kept to a minimum.
The outside jacket is tear-resistant and is made from a single layer of 7 μm thick aluminium and two layers of 12 μm thick polyester. This jacket acts as a vapour barrier and provides mechanical protection to the insulation sleeve.

How is Texoflex Sleeve shipped?
Texoflex Sleeve is shipped in a compressed form, which makes its transportation and storage easier. Once unpacked, the insulation should be unrolled and given a few minutes to expand to its original size.

For more information, please refer to the manufacturer’s datasheet, which is available on this page.