Inline centrifugal fan - up to 1380 m³/h

Inline centrifugal fan - up to 1380 m³/h

Product description

Inline centrifugal fan KBS 400 K2 in heat- and sound-insulated casing. Suitable for premises with high requirements to the noise level and with limited space for mounting. The thermal and sound insulation is made of non-combustible mineral wool 50 mm thick. The round connecting spigots are rubber sealed.
Manufacturer's ID
KSB 400 K2
Vents part of Blauberg group
Fan size
Maximal air flow
500 m³/h to 1500 m³/h

Additional specifications and description

The KSB series of inline fans by Vents are optimised for quiet, reliable and maintenance-free operation thanks to their built-in insulation, high-quality ball bearings, and lubricating oils. The fan uses a centrifugal impeller with backwards-curved blades for optimal efficiency. The device is powered by a 2-pole asynchronous motor with an external rotor. The motor is equipped with built-in overheating protection and an automatic restart feature. The motor supports smooth or step speed control with a thyristor or an autotransformer speed controller. Several fans may be connected to a single fan speed controller, provided that the total power and operating current do not exceed the design parameters of the device. Cleaning is made easy thanks to a handy access cover.

As their name suggests inline fans are mounted in line with the ductwork, instead of at the beginning or end of a ventilation run. This makes them suited for applications where the fan cannot be visible, or a more powerful fan is required. Inline centrifugal fans are very efficient at moving large volumes of air at low to moderate pressures. Insulated fans like the Vents KSB series are intended for supply/exhaust ventilation for household, industrial and public spaces with strict noise requirements. They are an excellent choice for offices, libraries, conference halls, educational institutions, kindergartens etc. Thanks to their built-in sound and heat insulation, they can even be mounted behind suspended ceilings and will remain unobtrusive and inconspicuous. 
Construction and installation:
The fan casing is constructed out of Aluzinc and is equipped with a 50 mm layer of non-flammable mineral wool for sound and heat insulation. The inside of the enclosure uses a perforated steel sheet for better sound attenuation. The fan is designed to be connected in line with round/Spiro ducts via its two spigots at each end. Thanks to the rubber gaskets on the spigots, fitting the ducts is both easy and airtight. The unit can be installed at any point along the duct run and in any orientation. For best results, a straight section of ductwork should be provided before and after the fan. On the intake side of the fan, the length of the duct should be at least equal to its diameter. On the exhaust side, the length of the straight section should be at least 3 times the duct diameter. No filters or any other similar devices should be installed in these sections. The mounting location should allow unimpeded access to the fan for periodic inspection of the device and cleaning of the impeller blades. Cleaning is made easier thanks to an access panel that can be opened via a latch.
Power is wired via standard screw terminals located in an external terminal box. 
Note that the fan is not designed to handle smoke or other combustion products, corrosive chemicals and fuels, or other impurities that might stick to the impeller and casing.
For the full technical specifications, wiring diagrams and detailed mounting instructions please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation, which you can view on this page.