Male coupling - diameter 250 mm

Male coupling - diameter 250 mm

Product description

Male coupling diameter 250 mm with EPDM gasket is used for joining ducts.
Diameter 1
250 Mm
Diameter 2
250 Mm

Additional specifications and description

- male couplings allow to connect spiral round ducts or round plain ducts with inner joints
- the piece is installed by pressing both ends into the ducts to be joined, up to the stop in the middle of the male coupling
- the male coupling needs to be fastened to both ducts with self-drilling screws or rivets
- as a result of the double EPDM rubber gasket, the product meets requirements for air tightness class D according to EN 12237
- galvanized steel.

D = 250 mm
R = 8 mm
M = 0,30 kg 

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