Outside wall fan - up to 700 m³/h

Outside wall fan - up to 700 m³/h

Product description

Outside wall fan VCN 200. Exhaust centrifugal fans in steel casing for outdoor surface mounting. Steel casing with polymeric coating ensures motor protection against direct humidity exposure. The fan bottom has a bird and rodent proof guard.
Manufacturer's ID
VCN 200
Vents part of Blauberg group
Fan size
Maximal air flow
100 m³/h to 500 m³/h

Additional specifications and description

The Vents VCN series centrifugal fans offer a simple and robust solution to your exhaust ventilation needs. Their polymer-coated steel casing ensures excellent mechanical protection. A built-in exhaust grill prevents birds and rodents from entering the fan enclosure or the ventilation duct. The fan is powered by a single-phase electric motor designed for reliable long-term continuous operation of at least 40 000 hours. It features ball bearings, an external rotor, overheating protection and automatic restart. The impeller blade is backwards curved to ensure the highest efficiency possible. The fan operates quietly, as the impeller has been dynamically balanced during the assembly process. The fan can safely exhaust air with a temperature of up to 55 degrees. The fan supports smooth or stepped speed control via a thyristor or an autotransformer-based speed controller. More than one fan can be connected to the same speed controller, provided that the total load does not exceed the design specifications of the controller.

Modern HVAC systems use many different fan designs that each have their advantages and disadvantages, making them best suited for a specific purpose. 
The Vents VCN series of centrifugal fans are a no-nonsense choice for exhaust ventilation. Their robust construction makes them ideal for long-term outdoor use. The fan casing protects the electric motor against humidity, and a bird/rodent guard protects it from small animals. The VCN series of centrifugal fans can pump a large volume of air for their size, so in a lot of applications, a single fan will be sufficient. They are ideal for exhausting hot or humid air from bathrooms, toilets, laundry rooms, kitchens etc. They can also be used for indoor spaces that require reliable, continuous ventilation such as garages. This centrifugal fan can exhaust air in a wide temperature range. The minimum temperature for continuous operation is -15 °C, while short-term air temperatures can reach as low as -30 °C, and the highest safe temperature is +55 °C. 

Construction and installation:
The fan casing is made out of polymer-coated steel. The fan has a circular spigot with a rubber seal that fits into standard round or Spiro ducts. It is mounted to the wall via the included 4 self-tapping screws. The fan is designed for wall mounting and should be oriented vertically with the exhaust facing downwards. Power is connected via standard screw terminals, and the electric motor can be controlled via an external fan speed controller. The fan is suitable for continuous operation and has a very long service life of at least 40 000 hours.
Note that as this device creates vibrations during operation, it is important to periodically inspect the fan mounts, to make sure the device is still securely mounted. The impeller blades will require periodic cleaning and should be cleaned twice a year. The fan is not designed to handle smoke or other combustion products, corrosive chemicals and fuels, or other impurities that might stick to the impeller and casing.
For the full technical specifications, wiring diagrams and detailed mounting instructions please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation, which you can view on this page.