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Photovoltaic Module Monocristaling Ulica Solar half-cut 545 PMax

Photovoltaic Module ULICA SOLAR Mono half-cut 545 PMax

Product description

Mono UL-545M-144HV photovoltaic panel from Ulica Solar with a peak power of 545 W. Each panel contains 144 half-cut cells made from monocrystalline silicon. The panel achieves a conversion efficiency of 21.09%. 35 mm frame from anodised aluminium in a silver colour with pre-drilled holes for mounting, grounding and water drainage. Cables with a length of 1,4 m and 4 mm² cross section, equipped with MC4 connectors.

Additional specifications and description

The Mono UL-545M-144HV panels from Ulica combine high photovoltaic conversion efficiency and reliability, which results in a lower LCOE (levelised cost of electricity), making them the right choice for your long-lasting PV installation.
In addition to their high performance, they have excellent corrosion resistance, long-term durability in adverse conditions, optimal thermal coefficients, good photoconductivity, and low toxicity.

What are monocrystalline panels?
The semiconducting properties of silicon crystals make them the basis of modern solar panels. In older/cheaper panels, each cell contains multiple silicon crystals, which is why these panels are called polycrystalline.
By contrast, the cells in Ulica Mono panels are made from thin wafers cut from cylindrical silicon ingots that form a single large crystal, which is why they are monocrystalline.
Monocrystalline panels achieve higher efficiency, perform better in low light, and last longer.

What are half-cut panels?
Half-cut PV panels represent an evolution of the traditional c-Si solar panels - they feature twice the number of cells, which offers multiple benefits. Each cell in a half-cut panel has half of the current flowing through it, which increases efficiency by reducing resistive losses.
The increased number of cells and the independent operation of the upper and lower half of the panel ensures up to 50% better performance in partial shading conditions when compared to traditional panels.
The smaller physical size of each cell also makes them more resistant to microscopic cracking, which can occur in extreme weather conditions and hailstorms.

Why choose Ulica?
Advanced technologies and manufacturing methods:
Ulica uses advanced diffusion technology, which makes possible the automatic welding and laser cutting of solar cells during production. The high purity of the silicon used in the manufacturing process allows the photovoltaic cells in each panel to be as efficient as possible, achieving up to 21.09% conversion efficiency. Thanks to this, the Mono UL-545M-144HV panels are very compact for their power output and take up less area. More than that, the power output of each cell, and as a consequence, of each panel, is almost perfectly uniform, with a power output variance of just ±3%.

Long life:
The Ulica monocrystalline solar panels have an extended life span and will continue to function long after their warranty expires.
They have a low annual degradation rate and will continue to make at least 84,80% of their design power after 25 years! Additionally, the panels are highly resistant to Potential Induced Degradation (PID) and have been torture tested under high temperatures and 85% humidity for 96 hours. They can withstand 3800 Pa of wind pressure and 5400 Pa of mechanical load from snow. They are TÜV certified and have successfully passed tests for salt and ammonia corrosion, sand and dust resistance, and fire resistance.

World-famous warranty:
Ulica's modules have a 10-year material and workmanship guarantee and a 25-year power output guarantee.

Design and mounting
The Mono UL-545M-144HV features a silver-coloured, anodised aluminium frame with a height of 35 mm with pre-drilled holes for mounting, electrical grounding and water drainage, but using mounting clamps is also possible.
The built-in cables have a cross section of 4 mm², use standard MC4 connectors, and are 1,4 m long, which provides flexibility when designing the mounting system for the PV installation.

The full technical specifications, mounting instructions and EU Declaration of Conformity are available for download on this page.

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