Residential fan Solid and Silent 125 Solid - up to 155 m³/h
Residential fan Solid and Silent 125 Solid - up to 155 m³/h
Residential fan Solid and Silent 125 Solid - up to 155 m³/h
Residential fan Solid and Silent 125 Solid - up to 155 m³/h
Residential fan Solid and Silent 125 Solid - up to 155 m³/h

Residential fan Solid and Silent 125 Solid - up to 155 m³/h

Product description

Residential fan Solid and Silent 125 Solid. Ultra low-noise and low-power extract axial fan. The fan is equipped with a specially designed backdraft damper to prevent back flow and heat losses during the fan standby. Available for mounting into ventilation shafts or connection to spiro or flexible duct.
Manufacturer's ID
125 Solid
Vents part of Blauberg group
Fan size
Maximal air flow
100 m³/h to 500 m³/h

Additional specifications and description

Axial flow residential fan by Vents designed for home exhaust ventilation. Available in several modifications including Solid – the base model and Solid TH – equipped with both a timer and humidity sensor. The durable UV-resistant ABS plastic housing has a modern design and minimalist aesthetic that fits well in most interior spaces. The device is designed to be exceptionally silent operation and is suitable for intermittent and continuous ventilation. It is possible to control the fan speed using a thyristor-based speed controller. More than one fan can be connected to the same controller, provided the total power does not exceed the design specifications of the controller. Note that the Solid T, TH, TP, VT and VTH modifications do not support fan speed control. The operating temperature range for the fan is between +1°C and +45°C.

Modern ventilation systems use many different fan designs that each have their advantages and disadvantages, making them best suited for a specific purpose. Residential fans can work as standalone devices for single-room exhaust ventilation. They can exhaust air directly to the outside via a wall opening or when connected to a ventilation shaft or ventilation duct. The Vents Solid is best suited for residential/home exhaust ventilation. The fan is ideal for use in kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other utility rooms requiring periodic or constant ventilation. The fan is optimised for low noise, low to medium airflow at short distances and low air resistance in the ventilation duct. The extremely silent operation and low power consumption make the fan unobtrusive and economical, even when operating constantly. The device is easy to use, as it can be operated via the room’s light switch. The fan does not require maintenance apart from periodic cleaning of the impeller.

Construction and installation:
The fan casing and impeller are constructed out of ABS plastic, which is durable and UV-resistant and will not change colour or become brittle even when exposed to direct sunlight. The device is designed to be mounted in a ventilation shaft, or connected to a flexible ventilation duct. The fan can be mounted to an interior wall or ceiling, when mounted to a ceiling, it is important to use a flexible duct or a bend. A continuous vertical path can allow water or debris to enter via the ventilation duct and damage the fan. Power is connected via a standard screw terminal. The fan is fixed to a wall/ceiling using four screws, when connecting a flexible duct, a clamp should be used. 
Note that as this device creates vibrations during operation, it is important to periodically inspect the fan, to make sure the device is still securely mounted. The fan blades will require periodic cleaning and should be cleaned twice a year. The fan is not designed to handle smoke or other combustion products, corrosive chemicals and fuels, or other impurities that might stick to the blades and casing.
For the full technical specifications, wiring diagrams and detailed mounting instructions, please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation, which you can view on this page.