Round sound attenuator in galvanized steel with insulation for noise reduction in round air ducts

Round sound attenuator - diameter 160 mm - length 900 mm

Product description

Round sound attenuator - diameter 160 mm - length 900 mm
The Climate Company
160 Mm
Duct length
900 mm
Duct type
Round sound attenuator

Additional specifications and description

A round silencer is constructed out of three parts. On the outside is a hard airtight tube, made of a galvanized steel spiral duct. Along the inside is a perforated inner tube, also made of galvanized steel. Between the two pipes is a non-flammable insulation layer.

Circular silencers are used to reduce airflow noise or fan noise in circular air ducts. They can also be used to attenuate the sound of speech or other noises that might be transmitted between two rooms, thus reducing noise transmission over the whole ventilation system. A silencer can be connected directly to a circular duct (Spiro duct) using the EPDM rubber gaskets located at the ends of the silencer. In case the silencer needs to be connected directly to a pressed piece, a female coupling piece is required. The silencer can be hung by placing suspension brackets on the duct connections.

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