Saddle piece - diameter 315 mm to diameter 160 mm

Saddle piece - diameter 315 mm to diameter 160 mm

Product description

Saddle piece with main diameter 315 mm and branch diameter 160 mm. Pressed saddles are designed for fabricating ventilation duct T-pieces. They can also be used as splices for branching the main round ventilation ducts with round SPIRAL ducts, flexible ducts, or sonoducts. The rounding radius of the branch port base improves the air flow, ensuring better energy efficiency of ventilation, and the end with an EPDM gasket meets requirements of air tightness class D according to EN 12237. Some pieces can be used with more than one duct diameter size, please consult the selection table in the attached PDF.
Diameter 1
315 Mm
Diameter 2
160 Mm

Additional specifications and description

Pressed collar saddle made from galvanised steel, with a 90° spigot with EPDM rubber gasket. Fits ducts with a diameter of 315 mm and creates a branch with a diameter of 160 mm. The galvanised steel construction provides durability and corrosion resistance, while the rubber gasket ensures an airtight seal.
High-precision manufacturing guarantees airtightness
The manufacturing method used in the creation of this saddle piece ensures a smooth radius of the base of the spigot. This improves airflow, ensuring better energy efficiency of the ventilation system. Thanks to the EPDM gasket, this saddle piece achieves an air tightness class D according to EN 12237. However, please keep in mind that the final airtightness of the system depends on multiple factors, including the installation method.
Pressed collar saddles are sometimes called saddle taps or just saddles. The primary use case for saddle pieces is the fabrication of ventilation duct T-pieces or X-pieces. Saddle pieces allow HVAC engineers to create a branch off the main duct run almost anywhere along a circular duct. Saddle pieces are compatible with regular round ducts, Spiro ducts and even semi-flexible or insulating ducts.

Advantages and disadvantages compared to premade T-pieces and X-pieces
Saddle pieces offer a cheaper alternative to premade branching elements. Depending on the size of the HVAC system, using saddle pieces can save money. However, saddle pieces are permanently installed and cannot be disassembled or easily removed.
Installation method
Saddle pieces can be placed at any point along a straight section of a circular duct. A hole should be cut in the duct at the desired location of the saddle. The edges of the hole should be as smooth as possible and should match the opening of the saddle piece, so as to not restrict airflow or create additional noise. The saddle is fixed in place on top of the duct. Saddle pieces are typically secured with rivets or self-tapping screws, and the interface between the duct and saddle is insulated with silicone caulk. It is important to seal the interface and secure the piece to the duct securely, so as to avoid any air leakage. 
Installation considerations
Please note that in most cases it is either not possible or not advisable to create a branch with a larger diameter duct than the main run. The branch has to be either of equal diameter or smaller than the main duct diameter. 
It is also possible to use the same size saddle piece with multiple diameters of ducts. Please refer to the manufacturer’s datasheet for more information regarding the compatibility of saddle pieces with different duct diameters.

saddle piece
d1 = 315 mm
d2 = 160 mm
r = 16 mm
H = 173 mm
m = 0,3 kg

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