white painted steel grille for wall mounting with individually adjustable horizontal and vertical blades

Steel grille with double deflection 200 mm x 100 mm

Product description

Steel grille 200 mm x 100 mm with adjustable vanes, double deflection and mounting clips. The grills type G-100 are used for the supply and exhaust of cooled and heated air in facilities such as offices, shopping centres, workshops, . . . The grille can be used for wall or exposed duct mounting. The horizontal and vertical vanes can be adjusted manually and individually to obtain an optimal air distribution.
Manufacturer's ID
GD110-F 0200 0100 RAL 9010
100 Mm
200 Mm

Additional specifications and description

Made from galvanised steel and painted in white (RAL 9010), the G-110 series of grilles is a versatile, robust, and cost-effective solution for your ventilation needs. Thanks to the individually adjustable horizontal and vertical vanes with a wide range of deflection angles, the airflow can be set to meet the exact needs of the interior space. With a free area of up to 70% (depending on the position of the vanes) this grille offers minimal airflow obstruction and quiet operation. The white colour is easy to match and coordinate with the interior design of most interior spaces, making it suitable for a variety of use cases.

Ventilation grilles, together with registers and diffusers, are usually the first or only HVAC components that people notice when entering an interior space. This makes them an important part of the building’s interior design, and in the vast majority of applications, the Grada G-110 series of grilles fit right in. Thanks to their great performance, low noise rating (NR 45), and clean design, the G-110 series of grilles are the perfect choice for offices, workshops, shopping centres, etc. They are suitable for both in-wall mounting and exposed mounting and can function in both supply or exhaust roles. In cases where the amount of air passing through the grille needs to be controlled, the grilles can be used with a range of compatible dampers from Grada. When mounted high on the wall under the ceiling, these ventilation grilles can take advantage of the Coandă or ceiling effect to increase their performance. Ventilation grilles are deceptively simple devices that are often taken for granted, but in fact, they are very versatile in their application and have an enormous impact on the comfort of interior spaces.

Construction and installation:
The ventilation grille is constructed out of galvanised steel, and the vanes themselves are roll formed with a centre distance between them of 16,7 mm. The product is finished with a coat of white powder paint, and the exact colour code is RAL 9010. The mounting mechanism uses clips and hidden screws to fix the grille in place neatly without compromising its aesthetics. Depending on the ventilation needs in the room, the horizontal and vertical deflection angle of the vanes can be adjusted from 0 to 40 degrees. 
Please note that to achieve optimal results, many factors have to be taken into account when planning the HVAC system layout and choosing the correct grille. Amongst the factors that have to be considered are the size of the grille, mounting location (including distance from the ceiling), airflow speed in the duct, the desired “throw” of the grille, etc. For example, the distance from the ceiling, in particular, is crucial for the airflow to “cling” to the ceiling (Coandă effect) and reach further. Depending on the airflow speed the air envelope will drop in height as the distance from the grille increases, to combat this the vanes can be deflected upwards to compensate for the drop. 
For detailed technical specifications, mounting instructions, ventilation design considerations, and formulas to calculate airflow, please refer to the documentation provided by the manufacturer, which you can download from this website.

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