Symmetric reducer male to male

Symmetric Reducer - diameter 180 mm to diameter 125 mm - high quality

Product description

Symmetric reducer male to male from diameter 180 mm to diameter 125 mm. High quality centric reducer with lip sealing. Made of sendzimir galvanised steel.
German quality fittings
Diameter 1
180 Mm
Diameter 2
125 Mm

Additional specifications and description

Pressed concentric reducer made of galvanised steel (via the Sendzimir process). The symmetrical reducer is for use with round ventilation ducts, and has a double rubber lip seal and male-male ends. Concentric reducers have the shape of a cone, where the centre of the larger diameter end is aligned with the centre of the smaller one.

Duct reducers are used in HVAC systems when a change in diameter is required. Concentric reducers are mainly used in vertical shafts. For horizontal ducting, it is more common to use asymmetrical reducers. 

The spigots of the reducer can be inserted directly into a spiral duct. In case the reducer is followed by another pressed piece with male ends, a female connection piece will be required.

If the reducer is connected directly to a flexible duct, it is recommended to use a clamping strip to secure the duct to the reducer.

Note that a reducer can be installed in either direction depending on the requirements. 

When reducing the diameter of the duct, the reducer will act as a confuser and will increase the speed of the airflow and the static pressure, however this can generate more noise. Inversely when mounting the reducer such that it increases the diameter of the duct, it will act as a diffuser and slow down the airflow, lower the static pressure and reduce noise levels.

Like all pressed pieces from Aerotechniek E. Siegwart GmbH, these products are suitable for commercial buildings and hospitals (VDI 6022-1, DIN 1946-4 & EN 13779 compliant).

d1 = 180 mm
d2 = 125 mm
l1 = 40 mm
l2 = 40 mm
l3 = 40 mm

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