High Quality T-piece pressed saddle. Made in Sendzimir galvanised steel. With rubber seal.

T-piece - diameter 200 mm to diameter 100 mm - high quality version

Product description

T-piece with main diameter 200 mm and branch diameter 100 mm. High quality T-piece with pressed saddles. Made of sendzimir galvanised steel. With lip sealing.
German quality fittings
Diameter 1
200 Mm
Diameter 2
100 Mm

Additional specifications and description

90 degree T-piece made from pressed galvanised steel. The T-piece has lip seals with rubber gaskets to ensure a good seal with both spiral and regular round ducts. The 90° T-piece allows for the easy joining of three separate air ducts, making it ideal for any application that requires creating a branch off of the main duct run, or splitting a duct run in two.

T-branches are available in different sizes, with a branch diameter that is smaller or equal to the diameter of the main duct. The circular shape and smooth surface guarantee minimal loss of pressure and airflow noise. However, to avoid the transfer of noise between two rooms (crosstalk) via a joint ventilation run, it is recommended to also install a silencer.

Round and spiro ducts are connected by directly inserting the T-piece into them, without the need for additional sealant. In case another fitting with male ends has to be connected i.e. a bend or reducer, a female coupling piece is required. 

Like all pressed pieces from Aerotechniek E. Siegwart GmbH, these products are suitable for commercial buildings and hospitals (VDI 6022-1, DIN 1946-4 & EN 13779 compliant).

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