Variable fan speed controller -  10 A

Variable fan speed controller - 10 A

Product description

This is a variable speed controller. It controls single-phase voltage controllable motors with a maximum current of 10 A. The supply voltage is 110-240 VAC - 50-60 Hz. The minimum speed is adjusted via an internal trimmer. Kick start or soft start acceleration can be selected via a jumper. An illuminated ON-OFF switch is located on the side of the enclosure. Typically, ITR-9 series control AC fan speed in HVAC applications. The fan speed is regulated by varying the motor voltage via phase angle control - Triac technology.
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Additional specifications and description

Unrivaled quality
This fan speed controller is manufactured in Europe using the most reliable and modern electronic components. It can control (multiple) motors with a total maximum current equal to its rated current. On a continuous basis. There is no need to overdimension this controller.

Easy to configure
This fan speed controller doesn't require configuration. Once connected, the fan speed controller is ready to use! If necessary, the minimum motor voltage can be adjusted via an internal trimmer.
Kickstart or softstart acceleration can be selected via a jumper.

Local AC fan speed control
The motor can be enabled or disabled via the illuminated on-off switch.
Motor speed can be selected via the potentiometer.

Solid enclosure
The enclosure is made of high-quality r-ABS VO (UL94) plastic. This material is flame extinguishing in case of fire, very tough and offers good protection against impacts.
Regarding ingress dust and water, the protection class is 54 (IP54).

Unregulated output
The unregulated output (230 VAC) is active when the motor is enabled. It can be used to control an external run-indicator, a damper, etc.
E.g. when the fan is deactivated, the damper is closed. When the fan is active, the damper is open.