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Founded in 1985 in Belgium, Rf-Technologies makes products and devices for passive fire protection in buildings. Today, in addition to the Belgian headquarters, the company also operates a large manufacturing facility in Slovakia. The company is present in over 15 countries in Europe. Like other partner companies of Building Services, Rf-t manufactures products both under its brand name and as an OEM.

A company committed to innovation
What makes Rf-Technologies remarkable is that over 15% of the company’s 170 employees work in its R&D department. Rf-Technologies was the first company to offer a full range of CE-marked fire dampers, all the way back in February 2012. In addition, the company is consistently committed to rigorous testing for all of its products and full compliance with the strictest local and European standards. Rf-Technologies conducts 100 fire tests in-house every year, and they even test the moving mechanisms of their products for one million cycles!

Products designed to save lives
The product range offered by Rf-t includes fire-resistant grilles, fire dampers, fire damper cartridges, and fire-resistant collars for ducts. In other words, products that are designed for the management of fire. The two primary goals are the compartmentation of the fire – restricting the spread of the flames to any adjacent rooms, and the evacuation of smoke – creating a smoke-free zone to facilitate the evacuation of people under safe conditions.

Safety should be simple
Rf-t products are easy to incorporate during the construction process of a building. They are suited for vertical mounting on solid and plasterboard walls and horizontal mounting on floors, making implementation easy. The installation uses standard construction materials and products, which reduces costs. Once in place, Rf-t devices do not require any maintenance. Furthermore, some of the products are designed to be modular and upgradable, making it easy to modify or improve them during their life cycle to comply with future regulations.

Safety should be invisible
Thousands of government and private buildings across Europe are equipped with passive fire safety devices made by Rf-t. The company's products are implemented in office buildings, hospitals, museums, government buildings, shopping centres and private residences. Chances are, most Europeans have been in a building protected by Rf-t without noticing.


Vents is a manufacturer of ventilation equipment based in Ukraine. Since 2016 Vents is a member of a larger consortium of HVAC companies - Blauberg Group, which is based in Germany and is one of the most dynamic and quickly developing companies in the ventilation industry. Vents is also an honoured member of many international climate industry associations, including the US-based HARDI and HVI.

A massive product range
The company offers a vast product range of over 30000 products designed to meet the needs of diverse market segments, consumer groups, and geographic regions. All of their products offer high quality, combined with balanced specifications, and they comply with every relevant European and international standard for energy efficiency, reliability, and safety. Vents’ expansive portfolio of products includes domestic, commercial, and industrial fans, air handling units, air heating systems, air sterilisers, smoke extraction equipment, accessories for ventilation systems, ventilation ducts, grilles, and much more.

A global success story
Vents is one of the biggest manufacturers in the HVAC market, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Their products are sold in over 110 countries globally, and they boast one of the largest manufacturing facilities in Europe. Vents products are everywhere - from stadiums in Latvia, museums in Saudi Arabia, skyscrapers in Canada, and even in a polar expedition ship! 

A design and manufacturing powerhouse
Vents started small, but thanks to a focus on continuous improvement and development, and the rigorous application of best practices, today the company is one of the world’s leading ventilation equipment suppliers. Not only does Vents operate a 90000 m2 production base and employ 3000 highly qualified specialists. They also implement a highly optimised lean production management philosophy and a fully-closed production cycle. With over 380 qualified engineers and 13 specialised laboratories, Vents is capable of bringing a new product to fruition from an idea to the concept stage to production, regardless of its degree of complexity. Each year they produce over 5 million fans for households, almost 350 000 units of equipment for industrial ventilation, and 22 000 air handling units (AHUs). Currently, Vents holds over 10% of the global household fan market!


Tehnoexport is a company located in Inđija, Serbia. It has a long history spanning many decades since its establishment in 1953 as a family business initially based in a small craftsman workshop. The company adopted the name Tehnoexport in 1992, but even all these years later, the enterprise is still privately owned. Today it operates a brand new and modern manufacturing facility and has obtained ISO 9001 certification.

From humble beginnings to international success.
The company initially began with the production of sanitary equipment and bathroom accessories, but since then, it has also become one of the leading manufacturers in the HVAC industry. Thanks to its high-quality products and fair business practices, it has earned international recognition from customers and industry partners alike. By working in cooperation with distributors such as Building Services and other international partners, the company has firmly established an international presence. Tehnoexport regularly participates in industry fairs and expos throughout Europe. Products made by Tehnoexport can be found in multiple and diverse high-profile building projects all over the world.

An impressive product range
The Tehnoexport product range includes components that can be found in every HVAC system, such as semi-flexible aluminium ducts, PVC ducts, branches & boxes. Additionally, they manufacture insulated and non-insulated flexible ducts, sound-insulating products, fans for home and industrial use, and chimney systems.
Sentera Europa


Sentera is one of the leading manufacturers of control solutions for HVAC and ventilation systems. Founded by entrepreneur Jos Raskin in 1997 in Belgium, the company has steadily grown and currently has multiple divisions and offices across Europe - in Belgium, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Its production facilities for electronic components and plastic enclosures are located in Bulgaria.

What does Sentera manufacture? 
The company first started with fan speed controllers, but today it produces a wide variety of products for the HVAC and ventilation industry. The product range includes electric heater controllers, HVAC sensors, sensor controllers, power supply modules, and distribution boxes. Sentera offers everything, from manual and on-demand solutions for AC or EC fan speed control, to simple - yet solid - transformer fan speed controllers, electronic fan speed controllers, and variable frequency drives. Even a complete range of potentiometers and control switches for manual control is available.

What makes Sentera products stand out from the crowd?
Sentera’s products are easy to install and use, whether standalone or combined with other devices, to build a complete HVAC control system. All products made by Sentera are designed to work well together to create a sophisticated Building Management System (BMS). Sentera devices can be managed locally or over the internet via a device such as the Sentera Internet Gateway. The company's portal - SenteraWeb offers options for data logging, continuous remote monitoring of all relevant parameters, and even remote control!

A customer-oriented approach is key to the success of Sentera.
Sentera’s philosophy is that of continuous improvement and R&D in close collaboration with customers so that it can better meet their needs. The company’s field of expertise is creating products for the HVAC industry that make ventilation systems more energy efficient and improve indoor air quality. A lot of Sentera’s products have been developed as an answer to a specific customer need. The R&D departments in Belgium and Bulgaria can customise existing solutions and create entirely new products to provide the perfect solution.

Sentera is an established business partner.
With over 20 years of experience in the ventilation business, Sentera has made numerous technological innovations throughout its history. 
In addition to selling products under its brand name through distributors such as Building Services, Sentera is also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for other companies in the HVAC industry.

Sentera is an ethical business partner.
Sentera does not make compromises in any aspect of its operation, from the quality of the products it manufactures, to the relationships with its employees, business partners and raw material suppliers. Protecting the environment is a core part of the company culture at Sentera. The factory in Bulgaria uses solar power and high-tech, environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. All products manufactured by Sentera have been RoHS compliant since January 2005. 
Sentera also works with its material suppliers to ensure that it does not purchase so-called conflict minerals. When sourcing raw materials, the company doesn’t purchase directly from known conflict regions, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo or its neighbouring countries.


Aerotechnik E. Siegwart GmbH is an HVAC equipment manufacturing company established by the inventor and entrepreneur Emil Siegwart. It began in 1975 in the city of Friedrichsthal (Saarland) in West Germany, starting with just a 500 m2 manufacturing base and only ten employees. 
Today the company continues to operate as a family-owned business, but since the passing of the founder Emil in 2013, it has been managed by his son Wolfgang and grandson Andreas. Over its long history, the enterprise has continuously gained success and growth and has implemented multiple innovations and industry firsts. 
Aerotechnik E. Siegwart GmbH currently employs 180 people and operates a 10 000m2 facility, offers customers a vast selection of HVAC products, has a global presence, and partners such as Building Services. 

A history of innovation.
The company’s founder Emil Siegwart has multiple patents in the field of ventilation and the manufacture of HVAC equipment, including patents regarding flow regulators, flexible corrugated tubes, fans, machines for producing tubes, sheet metal processing, flanges, and more. 
Aerotechnik E. Siegwart GmbH is a pioneer in laser welding technology, first employing a CO2 laser for automated welding in 1989, a device that did not have an analogue in the industry at the time. Not only that, Aerotechnik actively contributed to the development of the CO2 laser together with the industrial equipment manufacturer Trumpf. 
Aerotechnik is also one of the pioneers in automated warehouse management - the company deployed a computer-controlled high-rack warehouse as early as 1986. 
This proud tradition of innovation continues to this day - Aerotechnik continues to reinvest 7% of its annual turnover into research & development and new machines and equipment. 

A clear goal.
All of the company's R&D efforts are in the pursuit of making a positive impact on indoor air quality. Aerotechnik aspires to provide its customers with fresh, pure air that will contribute to people’s sense of well-being and health. 
The company’s products that make this kind of pleasant experience possible are often hidden out of sight behind suspended ceilings or are practically invisible behind walls or in engineering rooms. 
Nevertheless, the result of a proper ventilation system should still be immediately recognisable “in one breath” the moment one enters the building. 

An extensive range of standard and custom solutions.
The product range of Aerotechnik E. Siegwart GmbH includes ventilation ducts & fittings, laser-welded bends, sound attenuators, shut-off dampers, multi-leaf dampers & smoke protection dampers, throttle valves, constant and variable volume flow controllers, and weather-resistant louvres. 
All of the products are backed up by extensive technical documentation that includes technical specifications and mounting instructions, along with all the relevant TÜV test reports and certificates for quality, air tightness, and cleanliness. 
In addition to the standard range of products offered by the company, Aerotechnik is also capable of modifying existing products and producing custom solutions depending on the customer’s needs. 
The company is DIN ISO 9001 certified and deserves praise for its high standards of quality and outstanding craftsmanship, backed up by extensive in-house testing, both for its standard products and the made-to-order designs. 

One of the best in the business.
Some of the products the company is particularly proud of are their versatile multi-leaf dampers, ducts, and high-quality duct fittings and silencers, as well as their proven throttle valves and shut-off dampers, and weather-resistant louvres. 
Aerotechnik’s mechanical and electronic volume flow controllers are a key contributor to a good room climate, through their precise air volume metering. There is also the LipStar double-lip sealing system that uses EPDM gaskets that do not age or degrade, resist corrosion from mildly aggressive chemicals and vapours, and last but not least - offer a great seal. 
All fittings, shut-off valves, flow regulators, and other products equipped with the system achieve an air tightness rating of D according to European standard EN 12237.
The company’s products and solutions have become an essential component of modern HVAC systems. Aerotechnik products are used everywhere – from restaurants to banks, shopping centres and sports halls to hospitals and laboratories, to the automotive and aerospace industry!
Grada International


Grada International NV is one of the well-known names in the HVAC industry. The company is based in Lokeren Belgium and was established in 1963. Currently, Grada operates a 12000 m2 manufacturing facility and employs around 125 people. In addition to the headquarters in Belgium, which serves the Benelux region, Grada also has an office in France.

A company with traditions
Grada offers its customers and partners over half a century of tradition and experience. Thanks to developing and producing air diffusers and air flow controllers for heating and ventilation systems, Grada is an expert at creating solutions in the field of air distribution, air control and air comfort.
The qualities that make Grada stand out from the crowd, other than its long history and traditions, are the company's core competencies. Grada International NV emphasises responding quickly, offering extensive technical support to customers, and maintaining an efficient production organisation.

A vast product range
The company's extensive product range features a variety of diffuser designs suited for different applications such as swirl and slot diffusers, grilles and external louvres, dampers, plenum boxes, sound attenuators, air flow controllers, air valves, chilled beams, and more. In total, more than 22000 products are produced, starting from sheet steel and aluminium extrusions and ending with a neatly painted and packaged product.
Without a doubt, Grada creates some of the most aesthetically pleasing ventilation products currently sold on the market. To further enhance the aesthetic appeal of Grada’s products, they are available in a variety of colours, including custom ones, all with a high-quality finish.

Custom solutions
In addition to its standard product range, Grada has both the flexibility and capability to create custom solutions depending on the customer's requirements.
Grada can bring a customer’s idea to fruition all the way from the planning stages in CAD to the high-quality powder coating of the finished product.

In-house development and testing
Grada strives to create the best-performing air distribution systems, contributing toward a more comfortable and healthier building environment and giving customers peace of mind.
All of Grada’s products and solutions are developed, tested & validated in-house in the Acoustics & Comfort lab, and manufactured to the highest quality standards in their Lokeren facility in Belgium.

Simplifying ventilation
Grada’s focus on the customer experience has led the company to develop helpful tools to assist its customers and help them make the right choice. The tools offered by Grada include the comprehensive Product Selector, BIM object selector, and the FACT software application.
Products can be filtered via the Product Selector and their airflow properties can be simulated in FACT (Flow & Air Comfort Tool), to make the planning process and choosing the best-suited products easier.
Ventmatika UAB is a Lithuanian company established in 2003 and they’ve continuously been gaining success in the HVAC industry since then. The company's field of expertise is the in-house development and production of heating systems for ventilation systems and air handling units in their Šiauliai factory. The company is ISO certified.

A range of high-quality standard and custom solutions
Ventmatika’s product range includes HRU (Heat Recovery Unit) & AHU (Air Handling Unit) controls, electric heaters, heating, and cooling coils, fan motor speed controllers, sensors, and transmitters. In addition to its existing products, they also offer custom solution development. Ventmatika strives to meet the needs of its customers by selecting the most optimal and up-to-date technology solutions. All Ventmatika devices are 100% tested, CE and EAC certified, and have a 2-year warranty.

Investing in product development and investing in people
Ventmatika is always trying to improve its existing product portfolio and expand its product range. The best indicators that guide this process are feedback from customers and market demands, both of which Ventmatika takes on board. Of course, this adaptability and flexibility would not be possible without a dedicated team of specialists. Ventmatika invests in its human resources by helping employees obtain certifications, sending them to seminars and training, and providing them with the best teaching experience - taking on challenging projects by customers. Having up-to-date knowledge gives Ventmatika a competitive edge.

A trusted industry partner
Ventmatika treats its clients as strategic partners – the decisions and workflow of the company are based on creating value for its partners and growing together with them. As an OEM for HVAC components, Ventmatika is fully aware of how important it is to offer its partners reliable components so that the final product is also of high quality. Ventmatika meets the ventilation market demands by providing innovative, long-lasting products and bespoke technical solutions. As a result of Ventmatika’s hard work, the company has won the confidence and loyalty of the top brands in the HVAC industry. Ventmatika now exports products to most European and CIS countries.

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