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Sentera is one of the leading manufacturers of control solutions for HVAC and ventilation systems. Founded in 1997 in Belgium, the company has steadily grown and currently has multiple divisions and offices across Europe - in Belgium, Bulgaria, Lithuania, and Ukraine. Its production facilities for electronic components and plastic enclosures are located in Bulgaria.

Product range
The company first started with fan speed controllers, but today manufactures a wide variety of products for the HVAC and ventilation industry. The product range includes electric heater controllers, HVAC sensors, sensor controllers, power supply modules, and distribution boxes. Sentera offers everything, from manual and on-demand solutions for AC or EC fan speed control, to simple - yet solid - transformer fan speed controllers, electronic fan speed controllers, and variable frequency drives. Even a complete range of potentiometers and control switches for manual control is available.

What makes Sentera products stand out from the crowd?
Sentera’s products are easy to install and use, whether standalone or combined with other devices, to build a complete HVAC control system. All products made by Sentera are designed to work well together to create a sophisticated Building Management System (BMS). Sentera devices can be managed locally or over the internet via a device such as the Sentera Internet Gateway. The company's portal - SenteraWeb offers options for data logging, continuous remote monitoring of all relevant parameters, and even remote control!

A customer-oriented approach is key to the success of Sentera.
Sentera’s philosophy is that of continuous improvement and R&D in close collaboration with customers so that it can better meet their needs. The company’s field of expertise is creating products for the HVAC industry that make ventilation systems more energy efficient and improve indoor air quality. A lot of Sentera’s products have been developed as an answer to a specific customer need. The R&D departments in Belgium and Bulgaria can customise existing solutions and create entirely new products to provide the perfect solution.

Sentera is an established business partner.
With over 20 years of experience in the ventilation business, Sentera has made numerous technological innovations throughout its history. In addition to selling products under its brand name through distributors such as Building Services, Sentera is also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for other companies in the HVAC industry.

Sentera is an ethical business partner.
Sentera does not make compromises in any aspect of its operation, from the quality of the products it manufactures, to the relationships with its employees, business partners and raw material suppliers. Protecting the environment is a core part of the company culture at Sentera. The factory in Bulgaria uses solar power and high-tech, environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. All products manufactured by Sentera have been RoHS compliant since January 2005. Sentera also works with its material suppliers to ensure that it does not purchase so-called conflict minerals. When sourcing raw materials, the company doesn’t purchase directly from known conflict regions, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo or its neighbouring countries.
Victron Energy

Victron Energy
Founded in 1975 in the Netherlands, Victron Energy B.V. started as a small company manufacturing power inverters. Over the years, Victron has grown into one of the world leaders in the industry thanks to its innovative and high-quality products. Today the company offers a vast portfolio that includes inverters, solar charge controllers, battery chargers, EV chargers, solar panels, monitoring and control systems, and more.
With a presence in over 60 countries worldwide, Victron Energy products are used around the globe in a wide range of general and niche use cases, including marine, automotive, off-grid, and industrial applications.

Product portfolio
Inverters and inverters/chargers: Victron Energy offers a comprehensive range of inverters and hybrid inverters/chargers. The product lines include Phoenix, EasySolar, EasyPlus Quattro & Quattro II, and MultiPlus & MultiPlus II.
Each of these devices is developed to offer an optimal solution to a specific use case. Victron has products for off-grid and grid-connected systems, within a wide power range. 

Solar charge controllers: The MPPT-RS family of solar charge controllers provide optimal battery charging performance. The huge range of MPPT solar charge controllers are well regarded and are some of the best on the market, especially when it comes to value for money and the huge variety of smart add-ons available.

Battery Chargers and Battery Management Systems: Victron Energy's battery chargers and BMSs provide reliable and efficient charging for all common battery types, including lead-acid, lithium-ion, and others.

Batteries: Victron offers a range of batteries with different chemistries optimised for a specific use case. These include Gel and AGM batteries, Lead carbon batteries and Lithium batteries. Most of Victron’s batteries are geared towards off-grid applications such as caravans, RVs and boats/yachts. 

Solar Panels: Victron Energy offers a range of high-quality solar panels designed to provide reliable and efficient power generation for off-grid and grid-tied applications.

Monitoring and Control Systems: Victron Energy's monitoring and control systems from the GX family provide real-time data and analytics to help users optimise their power systems and ensure reliable operation. The functionality of these devices is enhanced by the Victron Remote Management (VRM) online portal, which is completely free for users.

Accessories: Victron Energy offers a range of accessories designed to complement its power solutions. The accessories range includes battery monitors, cables, fuses, and more.

Software: With the growing popularity of solar energy storage and off-grid systems, the need for smart, remote control and system monitoring becomes crucial, Victron Energy remains one of the leaders in this field. The VRM software is possibly the most advanced and user-friendly platform available. 

Victron and Building Services
Building Services Plovdiv makes extensive use of Victron inverters, solar charge controllers and accessories such as the Cerbo GX and Lynx busbar in our PV installations. The Victron ecosystem of products all work well with each other, as well as with the AQ-LITH batteries we employ. The Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal offers great functionality to our customers.
The proven quality of Victron devices makes the brand our first choice for residential installations.

Ulica Solar

Ulica Solar
Ulica Solar is based in Ningbo, China, and the company is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic modules and an OEM of solar cells for other brands. 
The secret to the company’s success lies in its relentless commitment to quality control, ensuring not just the high quality of the finished panels but their exceptionally consistent performance as well. 
Ulica invests in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment from industry leaders from Germany, Italy, the United States, Japan and Spain. 
The company also invests heavily in R&D and currently holds 17 patents for photovoltaic technologies. Ulica’s research team is comprised of senior technical experts and senior engineers in the photovoltaic field, and the Chinese government recognises Ulica as a National Hi-tech Enterprise. 
The company is working in close cooperation with some prestigious institutions and Universities, including the Ningbo Material Technology & Engineering Institution (a research institute affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences) in Shanghai Donghua University.
Through continuous growth and improvement, Ulica Solar transformed from a small local manufacturer to a pillar of the photovoltaic industry. 

History and rise to prominence
Ulica Solar (full name Ningbo Ulica Solar Co., Ltd.) was established in 2005 by Shanshan Corporation, which is one of the Top 500 enterprises in China.
The company steadily grew from 2005 onwards, continuously expanding its production capacity and global presence. Over the years Ulica Solar obtained multiple quality certifications from independent testing institutions.
Beginning in Q1 2020 and every quarter since, Ulica Solar has been continuously listed among the Tier1 global photovoltaic suppliers by BloombergNEF.
Ulica Solar's manufacturing capacity has been increasing steadily, from 2 GW in 2020 to 3 GW in 2021, up to a projected 5 GW worth of solar cells and PV panels for 2023.
The company’s global presence is further strengthened by its participation in major industry events held around the world.

Product range
Ulica Solar manufactures solar cells for use in its own monocrystalline half-cut photovoltaic panels, as well as for other solar panel manufacturers (OEM).
The current product range includes the UL-415M-144 and UL-545M-144HV, which we make extensive use of in the photovoltaic installations we build.
Additionally, Ulica manufactures panels ranging from 375 to 670 W, available in various configurations, including bi-facial, transparent and all-black panels.
The company is laser-focused on delivering the best value-for-money photovoltaic panels on the market, without compromising performance or longevity. 

Building Services Plovdiv and Ulica Solar
Panels from Ulica Solar can be found in photovoltaic installations all over the globe, and Bulgaria is no exception.
We chose Ulica Solar because we were impressed with the quality of their products and because, as an installer, we want to work with an established manufacturer.
Our team at Building Services Plovdiv relies on the monocrystalline half-cut panels from Ulica for the PV systems we build for our customers.
We have installed thousands of panels, and our experiences with Ulica have been more than positive. 
So far, we have not encountered any defects or sub-par performance. More than that, we are delighted to see the remarkably uniform performance of the panels. 

The exceptional quality of the panels from Ulica Solar has earned the company our trust and the trust of our clients.

Battery Supplies
Battery Supplies
Battery Supplies NV is a Belgian company that specialises in the sale and distribution of high-quality batteries, chargers, and related accessories. The main markets that Battery Supplies operates in are Belgium, France, and Germany, but they also ship to the rest of Europe and the world.
Battery Supplies is more than just a reseller, it also can develop its own products and create custom-made batteries, giving them a competitive edge.

Battery Supplies NV was founded in 1999 in Deerlijk, Belgium, and the company has been growing steadily since then. Alongside its commercial success, the company has expanded its product portfolio to include a wide range of batteries for every conceivable use case - starting batteries for cars, lorries, batteries for industrial cleaning machines, scissor lifts, aerial devices, fork-lift trucks, UPS, electrical tools etc.
In 2011 Battery Supplies moved to a new building with over 10 000 m2 of warehouse and office space. In July 2018, it purchased the Lyon-based company ADRET, thanks to which it expanded into France and acquired the ADRET warehouse and the capability to assemble and repair batteries.
In 2020 the company also acquired BATTEC in Erftstadt, Germany to further expand its European presence.
Today, Battery Supplies is one of Europe's leading providers of high-quality battery solutions.

Product portfolio
Battery Supplies offers an extensive range of batteries and solutions designed to meet the unique needs of its customers. The industries they serve include automotive, marine, industrial, and various niche applications.
The company's product portfolio includes:

Battery Supplies NV offers a range of high-quality batteries designed to provide robust and reliable power for various applications, including car starter batteries, EV batteries, traction batteries (for forklifts and other industrial equipment), deep cycle batteries, batteries for renewable energy storage, batteries for portable devices, and more. If it’s powered by a battery, Battery Supplies will have the battery for it!
In the Building Services store, you can find the AQ-LITH range of LiFePO4 home and industrial batteries.

Battery Supplies offers a full range of chargers as well. Different battery chemistries (lead-acid, AGM, lithium-ion etc.) require a different charging algorithm in order to prolong battery life and charge efficiently.

Battery Supplies NV offers a range of accessories designed to complement its batteries and chargers, including battery monitors and testers, cables, connectors, spare parts, and more.

Battery Supplies also offers the BatteryFix repair service - the company will replace the individual battery cells in customer's devices with new ones. BatteryFix both saves money for the customer and is environmentally friendly.
Of course, the company repairs all types of battery chargers as well.
Battery Supplies also has a custom battery manufacturing service, which allows its customers to retrofit modern lithium batteries into existing equipment. The customer only needs to specify the desired physical dimensions of the enclosure and electrical properties of the battery, and Battery Supplies will take care of the manufacturing. The modular nature of the custom batteries and the use of an in-house developed BMS allows for excellent flexibility in design.

Battery Supplies and Building Services
At Building Services Plovdiv, we fully understand that purchasing batteries for your home is a significant investment. However, we believe that AQ-LITH batteries make a compelling proposition - excellent performance and long-term reliability at a competitive price.
They have proven themselves both when paired with photovoltaic installations and in a standalone capacity as backup power sources, and have earned the trust and recommendation of the Building Services Plovdiv team.
We firmly believe that the excellent build quality and reliability of AQ-LITH batteries make them the ideal choice for our customers.
Comsys AB was founded in 2001 by a small group of Swedish engineers with an ambitious goal - to make power perfect, or as close to perfect as possible. The company is based in the Swedish city of Lund and develops digital energy control methods and products that optimise and improve energy flow in a wide variety of applications.

Comsys Solutions
Comsys provides robust solutions for both grid operators and applications within the sectors of industrial automation, building automation, manufacturing, oil and gas, data centre and marine, among others. By using modular development systems, Comsys can create small, medium or large energy management solutions with short lead times and high reliability. Comsys develops its energy management solutions with simplicity in mind, meaning its products can be installed and used with a minimum amount of time and training invested.

Global Impact
Over 20 years later, more than 5000 private companies and government institutions in more than 50 countries around the globe rely on solutions from Comsys. Comsys today is an established and trusted global partner, as its many success stories can attest to, but the company is always looking towards the future. Comsys is committed to continuous innovation, investing heavily in R&D, anticipating and addressing the challenges of tomorrow.

Active Dynamic Filters
Comsys is a pioneer of Active Dynamic Filter technology, and its ADF line of products is the industry standard for active filters. Using active dynamic filters solves multiple problems related to electrical disturbances that the oil and gas, manufacturing, marine and other industries face. From overheating transformers, shortened equipment life, nuisance tripping of circuit breakers, production downtime and even non-compliance with regulations. Comsys’ ADF devices can be found in many high-profile applications such as BMW factories, large data centres, offshore oil platforms, particle accelerators, and even warships of the Royal Danish Navy. The ADF product range is also increasingly being used in electricity production and energy storage, primarily from solar and wind, in order to meet the constantly growing demands of grid operators around the world. This success is due, in large part, to the ADF’s advanced technology and comprehensive feature set, including sensorless operation, resonance damping, advanced user interfaces, marine approvals and more. Compared to AFE (Active Front End), which is the traditional solution used with variable-speed motor drives, ADF offers up to 40% savings in total cost of ownership.

Company Philosophy
From the beginning, Comsys has aimed to become best-in-class in terms of both technology and customer satisfaction. By combining its unique application know-how with its renowned aftermarket service, Comsys has no doubt achieved its goal. Comsys' mission is to be the leading global supplier of advanced solutions for energy efficiency and power quality for all types of applications and infrastructures. But more than that, all of its staff and stakeholders are genuinely committed to improving the energy efficiency of our electric grids and aiding the transition to clean and renewable energy for our electrical supply.
Fronius International
Fronius International
Fronius International GmbH, headquartered in Austria, was founded in 1945 by Günter Fronius. Initially, it was a one-man operation, and Günter focused on repairing radios and other electrical equipment in the post-war landscape.

However, being an electrical engineer by trade, Günter Fronius had the idea to build a device for recharging car batteries, allowing them to be used for longer, which solved a pressing issue at the time. With the creation of its first commercial product, the Fronius International we know today began. Not long after, in 1950, Fronius transitioned into manufacturing welding transformers and rectifiers. After decades of steady growth and success in the early 1990s, Fronius ventured into renewable energy and produced its first grid-connected solar inverter, the Fronius Sunrise, in 1994.

Today, Fronius International stands as one of the world leaders in renewable energy, battery charging systems and welding technology. Despite having a presence in over 60 countries, with 37 subsidiaries on five continents, the company is still in the hands of the Fronius family, with Günter Fronius' granddaughter Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß at the helm.

Areas of operation
Fronius International operates three main divisions:
Perfect Charging
Perfect Charging is Fronius International's oldest business unit. Fronius has been researching and developing charging technology since the very beginning of the company. The 1990s saw inverter technology applied for the first time to pulsed charging devices for charging vehicle starter batteries. The ACCTIVA series is a starter-battery charging system. In the field of traction batteries, Fronius offers the SELECTIVA series.

Perfect Welding
The business unit Perfect Welding provides welding products and technologies, including complete systems. Fronius offers both manual and automated (robot-operated) welding solutions. Around 1950, Fronius launched its first welding transformer with magnet-yoke-control, which allowed the welding current to be continuously adjusted. Fifty years later, the company launched the CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) process, which permits the thermal joining of steel to aluminium. The introduction of the DeltaSpot welding system (resistance spot welding system) finally facilitated the mass production of aluminium car bodies.

Solar Energy
The business unit Solar Energy has been involved in photovoltaics since 1992 and develops and produces high-performance inverters for grid-connected photovoltaic systems from 1 kW upwards. Complementing the inverter range are components and accessories for system monitoring, data visualisation and analysis - all available as standalone product add-ons.

Company Philosophy
Fronius International is a family-owned company with strong principles and convictions, driven by a commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability. Guided by a philosophy deeply rooted in engineering excellence, Fronius pursues technological advancement to make what seemed impossible a reality and deliver products and solutions that exceed customer expectations. Every Fronius product embodies the company's unwavering dedication to precision, reliability, and performance, reflecting decades of expertise and craftsmanship.

Fronius International and Building Services Plovdiv
From the moment we ventured into photovoltaics, we chose Fronius inverters as the core of our first PV systems, and they have remained an integral part of our product range ever since. From the beginning of 2024, we have partnered directly with Fronius International, enabling us to offer our customers even better prices and support.

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