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Victron GX Touch 50 front view
Victron GX Touch 50 front view
Victron GX Touch 50 back view
Victron GX Touch 50 front view with cable
Victron GX Touch 50 mounting accessories

Victron GX Touch 50 system monitoring panel | 5" touchscreen

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Product description

The Victron GX Touch 50 is a touchscreen control panel intended as a companion device to the Cerbo GX & Cerbo-S GX, offering a convenient and intuitive interface for local monitoring and control of Victron-based systems. The GX Touch 50 features a bright and crisp 5” 800x480 touch screen, protected by scratch-resistant front glass. It connects to the Cerbo(-S) GX with a single 2 m cable, making it easy to wire and place at a convenient location. The GX Touch is compact, slim and waterproof. It is ideally suited for renewable energy systems in recreational vehicles and boats/ships.

Additional specifications and description

The GX Touch 50 is an LCD screen accessory for the Cerbo GX & Cerbo-S GX communication centre. The 5” touchscreen display provides an instant overview of the system parameters and allows easy and quick settings adjustment.
The real-time information includes the status of the batteries, solar panels, inverters and other devices, such as fuel tanks and generators connected to the Victron network. The GX Touch 50 is also highly customisable - it includes a selection of pre-configured screen layouts and the option to create custom layouts using the drag-and-drop interface. This GX Touch 50 allows users to create a personalised dashboard that shows the most relevant information for their setup.

The Victron GX Touch 50 provides a local interface for the Cerbo GX without requiring a computer or a smartphone with Bluetooth or an internet connection. The GX Touch 50 is an excellent option for portable applications such as caravans, recreational vehicles, boats and yachts. The device solves the problem of local/offline monitoring and control of the photovoltaic system and other connected accessories such as fuel tanks, thermometers, relays, digital switches etc. The Cerbo GX/Cerbo-S GX combines data from all devices in the system, and the GX Touch 50 presents that data visually, becoming your vehicle’s dashboard.
Of course, the GX Touch 50 can also be used in the home, whether it is off-grid or grid connected.

Design and mounting
The GX Touch 50 is slim, waterproof and robust with an aluminium back and glass front. Connecting the device to the Cerbo GX is simple, using the device’s single 2 m long combo HDMI/USB cable, allowing for flexibility when choosing the mounting location.
The bundled accessories include a mounting frame that makes it easy to flush-mount the GX Touch 50 without requiring a perfect cut-out. Different mounting accessories are available (sold separately), including the GX Touch 50 adapter for CCGX cut-out (BPP900460050) and wall mount (BPP900465050).
When connecting the cable, please use the USB port closest to the HDMI port on the Cerbo GX/Cerbo-S GX.

Further considerations
The GX Touch 50 adapter for CCGX cut-out (BPP900460050) is intended for customers upgrading from the CCGX to the GX Touch 50.
When connecting the cable, please use the USB port closest to the HDMI port on the Cerbo GX. While not officially supported by the manufacturer, it should be possible to extend the connection between the Cerbo and GX Touch by using a powered USB hub and a female-female HDMI adaptor.
As the GX Touch 50 is an accessory device for the Cerbo(-S) GX, Victron does not provide a bespoke datasheet or user manual. Please refer to the documentation for the Cerbo GX, available for download on this page.

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