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Victron SHS 200 MPPT off-grid solar charge controller front view
Victron SHS 200 MPPT off-grid solar charge controller front view
Victron SHS 200 MPPT off-grid solar charge controller, view with cables
Victron SHS 200 MPPT off-grid solar charge controller. barrel jacks for DC loads
Victron SHS 200 MPPT off-grid solar charge controller, USB ports for charging

Victron SHS 200 MPPT off-grid solar charge controller

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Product description

The Victron SHS 200 MPPT is a smart solar charge controller and power distribution system providing off-grid electricity access. The controller is designed to charge a 12 V sealed lead acid or lithium battery (up to 160 Ah capacity) and use the energy from the panels and battery to power DC loads, such as portable devices designed to work on 12 V DC power. It can charge phones and tablets, and power DC fridges and other camping accessories. Thanks to its Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology, the SHS 200 can harvest all available power from the solar panels. The advantages of MPP tracking are especially pronounced in challenging conditions such as partially shaded panels or cloudy skies when the light intensity changes constantly. The device’s fast MPPT algorithm will improve energy harvest by up to 30% compared to a PWM charge controller.

Additional specifications and description

The Victron SHS 200 MPPT is a compact, low-power solar charge controller for off-grid use.
It is part of the Victron SHS (Smart Home System), and is compatible with other Victron products such as the SHS Battery box, solar panels and 12 V batteries. One of its main features is the ability to use a Pay-as-you-go system (PayGo), where users can rent the SHS 200 MPPT for a period of time. It’s compatible with the PaygOps, Angaza and Paygee platforms, and can use the OpenPAYGO free and secure open-source token system. The SHS 200 MPPT solar charge controller achieves up to 96% efficiency and is passively cooled. The device can output its full power up to 35 °C, then throttle the output.

Use case
This SHS 200 MPPT is a popular choice for off-grid camping sites and owners of caravans and RVs.
It is compact, low cost and provides enough power for the basic necessities. The device is designed strictly for off-grid use with DC loads, it does not have a 220 VAC input/output or invertor functionality.
It is compatible with camping gear designed to work off 12 VDC, such as portable fridges, LED lights and more. It can charge phones and other portable devices via USB.

What is an MPPT Solar Charge Controller?
A solar charge controller, also known as a solar regulator, is a battery charge regulator connected between the solar array and the battery. By continuously tracking the Maximum Power Point, it can extract the most power possible from the solar arrays and use it to charge the battery. The solar output has to be regulated so the battery is charged correctly and does not get overcharged.

Design and installation considerations
The device features a built-in LCD and keypad, these are used to view status information, manage the settings and enter the activation code.
The cables for the photovoltaic panels and the battery come pre-installed.
Victron recommends using the SHS 200 MPPT in combination with the SHS Battery box for added security and convenience.
Please note that the controller will only operate if the PV voltage exceeds the battery voltage (Vbat). The PV voltage must exceed Vbat by 2 V for the controller to start. The maximum open circuit PV voltage is 24 V.
If multiple panels are connected to the device, all of them must be identical and have the same specifications.

Built-in protections
The SHS 200 MPPT has multiple integrated protections to ensure its safe operation. These protections include battery reverse polarity, battery overvoltage, battery under voltage, battery overcurrent, and load overcurrent.

The full technical specifications, sample schematics, wiring diagrams and more, can be found in the technical documentation and manuals provided by the manufacturer, available on this webpage.

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