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Sun Inverter 12V|250VA top view
Sun Inverter 12V|250VA top view
Sun Inverter 12V|250VA left side
Sun Inverter 12V|250VA right side
Sun Inverter 12V|250VA connections

Victron Sun Inverter 12 V | 250 VA hybrid off-grid inverter

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Product description

The Victron Sun Inverter 12 V | 250 VA combines a sine wave inverter and PWM solar charge controller in one compact and lightweight unit. The device is designed to power AC loads in small off-grid systems, typically in vehicles such as vans, caravans and campers. Despite its compact size the inverter features built-in Bluetooth and a VE.Direct communications port, as well as terminals for a remote ON/OFF switch, that can also be used to connect a temperature probe. The device uses a reliable, and well proven topology employing a full bridge rectifier and a toroidal transformer. This topology makes the inverter less susceptible to sudden power spikes, which can occur when turning on certain electrical devices. The built in ECO mode allows the Sun Inverter 12 V | 250 VA to reduce its power draw when idle by approximately 85%.

Additional specifications and description

Overview and application
The Victron Sun Inverter 12 V | 250 VA is a compact, all-in-one solution for small, low power off-grid photovoltaic systems. The device is designed to work with 12 V batteries, making it ideal for vehicles or sheds not connected to the grid. Systems based on this inverter are extremely simple to assemble and commission, and the wiring required is both minimal, and can be performed without specialised tools.
The Sun Inverter combines a solar charge controller (PWM type) and pure sinewave AC inverter (with a transformer topology). The device charges 12 V batteries using power from the solar panel(s), and converts DC power from the panel/battery into AC to power small loads. The nominal power output of the Victron Sun Inverter 12 V | 250 VA is 200 W (at 25 °C), with a short term peak power output of up to 400 W. When not in use the device will go into ECO mode and consume as little as 0.8 W, until AC power is needed again.

The Victron Sun Inverter 12 V | 250 VA is packed with features that make it easy and convenient to use.
Thanks to the built in Bluetooth connectivity, it can connect to a phone, tablet or laptop running the VictronConnect app, allowing for convenient commissioning, monitoring and settings adjustment. All inverter and charger parameters of the device are fully programmable via the VictronConnect software. The Victron Smart Battery Sense probe can also be connected via Bluetooth.
The VE.Direct port can also be used for a wired connection to a PC running VictronConnect, or to connect the inverter to a GlobalLink 520 or a GX device such as the Cerbo GX/Cerbo-S GX.
The device supports multiple options for remote on/off switching, by wiring a button, the Phoenix Inverter Control VE.Direct Remote panel, and via software.
The wiring terminals for the remote switch can also be used with the Temperature sensor Quattro, MultiPlus and GX Device thermal probe.

Design and mounting
The Sun Inverter 12 V | 250 VA uses a steel chassis with a robust plastic cover, in a standard Victron RAL 5012 blue colour, with an IP21 protection rating. This version uses an IEC-320 socket for connecting AC loads.
Both the battery and photovoltaic panels are connected with standard screw terminals. The battery cable cross-section should be 10 mm², and for the solar panel it should be 4 mm². 
Please note that this device uses a fan for active cooling, refer to the manual for recommended mounting options.

Despite its compact size and low power output compared to larger Victron inverters, the Sun Inverter 12 V | 250 VA does not cut corners when it comes to safety.
The device is protected from overheating (both caused by high ambient temperatures and overloading), reversed PV polarity, short circuit at the output, overloading, and abnormally low/high battery voltage.

For more information, please refer to the technical documentation and manuals provided by the manufacturer, which can be found on this webpage.

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