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Vitocal 200-S 6 kW outdoor unit
Vitocal 200-S 6 kW outdoor unit
Vitocal 200-S outdoor unit, side view
Vitocal 200-S indoor unit
Vitocal 200-S indoor unit, side view

Vitocal 200-S 6kW split system air-water heat pump

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Product description

Viessmann Vitocal 200-S 6 kW is a split-type air/water heat pump for homes and small businesses. It achieves an A++ energy efficiency class and COP of up to 5.00 according to EN 14511. The pump is equipped with a variable-power fan and compressor, allowing it to maintain excellent efficiency even in low temperatures and under partial load conditions. The Vitocal 200-S 6 kW has a built-in 15.9 L buffer tank for fast and efficient defrosting in winter. The minimalist modern aesthetic of the Vitocal 200-S 6 kW, combined with its advanced acoustic design, makes it visually appealing and unobtrusive. The pump can be controlled via its built-in 7” screen, and its interface is available in English and Bulgarian. Optionally, the pump can be connected to the Internet, enabling remote monitoring and configuration via a smartphone application (ViCare).
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Additional specifications and description

Overview and features
The heat pump features many advanced technologies that improve its performance and longevity, such as a variable speed, compliant twin scroll compressor, and corrosion-resistant heat exchanger.
Users can control the pump using its built-in 7” LCD interface featuring a menu in Bulgarian and English. Optionally, the pump can be equipped with a network connection, allowing integration with the ViCare smartphone app.
When the unit is connected to the Internet, the Service-Link function notifies the manufacturer of any errors in the operation of the pump and allows remote diagnostics and troubleshooting.
The outdoor unit is remarkably quiet, emitting only 30 dB(A) at 4 meters away, meaning the pump will not disturb your or your neighbour’s comfort.
The heat pump uses refrigerant R32, which makes it safe and environmentally friendly. The Viessmann Vitocal 200-S 6 kW heat pump is manufactured in Germany.

The Vitocal 200-S 6 kW is designed with new homeowners in mind. It is an excellent option for customers looking for a reliable and efficient heat pump system for year-round air conditioning and DHW.
Ideally, the model should be used for buildings with underfloor heating but is also compatible with water radiators thanks to the high output temperature of the water (up to 60°C at -15°C ambient air temperature).
The Vitocal 200-S also supports a cascade configuration of up to five units connected in series.

Design and working principle
Heat pumps work similarly to a refrigerator - both use the so-called reverse Carnot cycle. The refrigerant continuously circulates in the cooling loop, changing from liquid to vapour and back, and in the process, it transfers heat from the evaporator to the condenser.
Depending on whether heating or cooling is required, the heat pump can reverse the direction of the refrigeration cycle, either transferring heat from outside inside or from inside outside.

The Viessmann Vitocal 200-S air-water heat pump uses a spit configuration, meaning it has a separate indoor and outdoor unit.
The indoor unit houses the pump for the heating circuit, the heat exchanger, the three-way switch, the expansion valve, the safety group, an integrated inline heater, and the LCD that controls the device.
The indoor unit is installed in the building and connected to the heating system (radiators/underfloor heating).

A fan in the outdoor unit sucks in air from the environment through the heat exchanger (evaporator), taking some of the heat from the ambient air in the process.
In the evaporator, some of the heat energy from the ambient air is transferred to the refrigerant. The compressor drives the refrigeration circuit, and by compressing the refrigerant, its temperature can be increased until it is hot enough to be useful for heating and domestic hot water.
The outdoor unit should be installed outside, either freestanding or mounted on an exterior wall of the building.

For more information, please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation, which is available for download on this page.

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