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VE.Direct cable 3m with right angle connector
VE.Direct cable 3m with right angle connector
VE.Direct-VE.Direct cable 3m with one right angle connector

Victron VE.Direct to VE.Direct cable | 3 m | right angle connector

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Product description

Victron VE.Direct to VE.Direct communication cable with a length of 3 m and one straight connector and one right angle connector. Plug-and-play compatibility within the Victron ecosystem, no configuration required. This communication cable is used to connect compatible Victron devices such as the Sun Inverter, Smart Shunt, BMV series of battery monitors and others to a GX device with a direct wired VE.Direct connection. The VE.Direct interface enables monitoring, configuration, and firmware updates for the connected product.

Additional specifications and description

Overview and application
The Victron VE.Direct to VE.Direct cable is designed to facilitate communication between compatible Victron devices and a Cerbo GX / Cerbo-S GX or another GX device. Typically it is used with low power inverters such as the Sun Inverter / Phoenix Inverter, low power solar charge controllers such as the BlueSolar and SmartSolar MPPT, as well as battery monitors and shunts such as the BMV series and Smart Shunt series of products. Depending on the configuration of the system this cable may be necessary, or an alternative method may be supported by the device you wish to connect (i.e. Bluetooth), so we recommend to always refer to the user manual.

What is VE.Direct?
VE.Direct is a proprietary communication protocol developed by Victron for use in their products.
It represents a cost effective and easy to use communication option and is used in devices where a full CAN Bus/VE.Bus is unnecessary and/or expensive.
The interface is plug-and-play, meaning that when two compatible devices are connected, it will just work, with no user input required.

How does VE.Direct work?
The technology is a combination of what Victron used to call the HEX protocol and the BMV text protocol.
VE.Direct combines the advantages of both previous technologies: in text-mode the products automatically transmit all important parameters every second.
If more functionality is needed, such as changing settings, the devices switch to the HEX protocol.
Depending on the model of the Victron product, VE.Direct uses 3.3 or 5 V for power, but this is automatically configured.
Victron publishes the full technical documentation for this protocol in a whitepaper which can be found on their

Physical design and pinout
This Victron VE.Direct to VE.Direct communication cable is equipped with a straight angle and a right angle connector, and is 3 m long.
The connectors are moulded and feature a strain relief for added longevity. The cable uses black rubber insulation and metal shielding underneath to prevent EMF interference.
The VE.Direct communication cable uses industry standard JST PH connectors. Please note that the cable is not directional, and is not galvanically isolated.

Considerations when choosing a VE.Direct cable
To accommodate for the fact that each installation will be laid out differently, the manufacturer makes several different versions of this cable available, and it is important to choose the most appropriate option for your specific installation.
There are VE.Direct to VE.Direct communication cables with varying lengths (0.3, 0.9, 1.8, 3, 5 and 10 m) with either straight connectors, or with a combination of a straight and a right angle connector.

If you don’t see the cable you need listed in our store, do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry.

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If you wish to connect a VE.Direct device (without built in Bluetooth) to a PC, this cable would not be suitable for that purpose. The best option would be a VE.Direct to USB interface (P/N ASS030530010) or the VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle (P/N ASS030536011) ...

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