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EM530 three-phase energy meter from Carlo Gavazzi

Carlo Gavazzi EM530 three-phase energy meter

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Product description

The Carlo Gavazzi EM530 is an energy analyser designed for two- and three-phase systems, with a voltage of up to 415 V L-L and currents up to 6 A. The EM530 samples all important electrical variables every 100 ms, making it ideal for load balancing, energy storage and EV charging applications. The unit is compatible with the Victron Cerbo GX communication centre and is required for Victron Energy Storage System (ESS) applications. Data is displayed in a clear and concise manner on the built-in backlit LCD. The product is easy to use and set up thanks to its intuitive user interface, and the configuration wizard that runs during the first start. In addition to a digital input, the unit can be equipped with a static output (pulse or alarm), a Modbus RTU communication port, or an M-Bus communication port. Fits in all standard electrical panels thanks to its 3-DIN format.
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Additional specifications and description

Application and use case
The EM530 can be installed in any low-voltage switchboard to monitor the energy consumption (active, reactive and apparent energy), the main electrical variables, including total harmonic distortion.
The device is compatible with any current transformer with a 5 A secondary current and can be installed in systems with rated current up to 10 kA.
It can be retrofit in older installations when used with openable transformers like CTA or CTD S series from Carlo Gavazzi.
When used to monitor a single machine, it provides all the main electrical variables to identify any possible malfunction in its early stage and can correlate the energy consumption with the hours of operation, helping to plan maintenance and prevent failures.
The partial meter reset function, easily implementable using a digital input, allows the user to monitor each machine cycle.
Thanks to the measurement refresh time and the high resolution of the variables available through a Modbus RTU communication module, it can also be used as a data source for control actions, such as avoiding feeding energy into the electricity grid in a photovoltaic installation with energy storage.
In combination with UWP (an energy monitoring and control gateway provided by Carlo Gavazzi), it enables the creation of a scalable and flexible system to monitor the energy efficiency of buildings and industrial equipment.

Main features
Enhanced readability - the backlit display ensures perfect visibility even in low light. The different size of the digits preceding and following the dot makes the displayed values easier to read, while the clear style of the units of measure allows you to readily understand the available variables.

Easy browsing - page configuration and browsing are very intuitive, thanks to the user interface with 3 mechanical keys. The slideshow function automatically displays the desired measurements in sequence, without having to use the keyboard; the page filter allows you to hide unnecessary information.

Quick configuration - the configuration wizard, which runs when the system is started up for the first time allows you to commission the unit without errors in a matter of seconds. The UCS configuration software is available for download free of charge.

Accurate measuring - the EM530 complies with the precision international standard IEC/EN62053-21, and with the performance requirements (power and active energy) set out by IEC/EN61557-12.

Flexible installation – the unit can be installed in two-phase, three-phase with neutral, three-phase without neutral, and wild-leg three-phase low-voltage systems.

Design and mounting
The Carlo Gavazzi EM530 uses a standard 3-DIN format making it compatible with all standard electric panels/switchboards.
The EM530 has a sturdy construction and a wide operating temperature range from -25 to +55 °C, the unit itself has an IP40 protection rating, and the connection terminals have a rating of IP20. 

For more information please refer to the manufacturer’s documentation available for download on this page.

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The ET340 can directly measure currents of up to 65 A per phase, without the need for an external current transformer. This makes it suitable and cheaper to use than the EM530 for smaller three-phase installations.The EM530 works with external current transformers, and can be used in ...

Yes, the Carlo Gavazzi EM530 is compatible with Venus OS - the operating system running on Victron GX devices. The EM530 connects to a GX device such as the Cerbo-S GX via an RS-485 to USB cable, but it is also possible to use a combination of Zigbee to USB & Zigbee to RS-485 converters ...

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